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Unit VII Marketing Essay

Cecilia Williamson

Columbia Southern University


Branding strategy

Branding is crucial when it comes to doing business since it allows customers to tell one company's goods from another. Marketing uniformity entails developing a brand's logo, mission statement, and design so that it may use in all forms of advertising. Dyla LLC, the company that makes Forto coffee, is the best option. The Dyla product uses a logo and a mission statement as part of its branding strategy. Dyla's logo features the words "DYLA BRAND" and the company's vision. The firm takes great satisfaction in its stated aim: "to transform the world for the better."

The organization's mission is to effect constructive social and political change. The research will discover the distinction between the company and its local and international rivals (Fahmi Al-Zyoud, 2018). In this way, the company may find and use the most effective strategies for setting its brand apart. This aids the company in recognizing unfilled niches in the marketplace. The company may also learn how to differentiate its products and brands.

Technology and Social Media

Sales promotion tactics such as paid web advertising will be employed to spread the word. As a result of its low cost, this strategy will be used by the company. The business will operate pay-per-click internet advertising, boosting the visibility of the company's links in organic search results. This strategy succeeds because it facilitates consumer communication with the business (Matikiti et al., 2018). Email marketing campaigns are the second method to publicize and sell Forto coffee. Email marketing is best used to reach those who have previously shown an interest in the product or resource in question to maximize the effectiveness of promotional efforts. New site visitors will be persuaded to become customers, and existing customers will be prompted to make further purchases, all thanks to this helpful feature.

The organization's third and most potent promotional weapon is video marketing.


Websites, social media, and email campaigns will all include promotional films for Forto Coffee (Matikiti et al., 2018). Zoho, Freshsales, and Salesforce Sales Cloud will be utilized as customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. Some social media marketing tools that Dyla plans to use include Buzzsumo, which will propel the Dyla brand ahead of the competition. We will use Hootsuite to manage various social media accounts from a central dashboard. Sumo will be utilized because it offers a wide variety of helpful traffic and social media capabilities to enhance the company's advertising efforts.

Implementation Plan

Tactics and strategies need to be thought out for a marketing strategy to be successfully implemented. The first is beginning with realistic goals. Since marketing is not a quick remedy, this plan takes a long view. Sharing the strategy that will be implemented to ensure everyone in the company understands what's going on and feels like they're part of the solution. Company strategy includes running social media campaigns, generating leads, and posting blog entries (Katsikeas et al., 2019). Timelines for when the company expects to complete specific tasks are also shown in the chart.

Evaluation and Control

Instead of launching a marketing campaign and then leaving it to its own devices, businesses should monitor its performance and adjust it as necessary to meet internal and external goals. Return on investment is an essential factor to consider. The goal is to determine whether the initial financial investment yielded a positive return. The company plans to keep in touch with its clientele through automated email messages ("The Evaluation of Marketing Mix Elements: A Case Study," 2018). With these follow-up letters, the company may provide valuable information to the customers. The firm would make use of surveys to monitor customer happiness. Yes. To better serve its customers in the


future, the corporation will consider the suggestions made by its patrons.


An organization can't succeed without a well-thought-out strategy for marketing its products or services to target audiences. In addition to outlining the company's goal, a marketing plan may help bring in new clients and boost sales. The results of your marketing activities may be measured against your strategy. This knowledge will allow you to guide existing initiatives better, integrate marketing with corporate values, and make future campaigns more specific and successful.

Executive summary

The most important advice is for the business to take full advantage of the marketing strategy. But it doesn't imply you can rest on your laurels with only a marketing strategy. More time and money should be spent on measuring the impact of ads, but ultimately, understanding consumer behavior is a "black box" that will never be fully understood.


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