Unit 2.1 DB: Human Services Codes of Ethics



This is the National Organization for Human Services’ code of ethics for human services professionals.

· Ethical Standards for Human Services Professionals . (2015). National Organization for Human Services.

This is the American Counseling Associations’ code of ethics for counselors Pay particular attention to page 3.

· 20 14  ACA Code of Ethics . (2014). American Counseling Association

This article discusses the code of ethics as a living document, one that changes as the field evolves. It also notes important considerations during the revising of the American Counseling Associations code of ethics. 

· Meyers, L. (2014, May 22).  A living document of ethical guidance Counseling Today.

This is the National Association of Social Workers’ code of ethics. Pay particular attention to section 1.05 under ethical standards, approved in 2008.

· Code of Ethics . (2017). National Association of Social Workers

This chapter discusses multicultural challenges in service agencies as demographics change in society.  

· González, M. J., & Congress, E. P. (2013).  Multicultural Perspectives in Social Work Practice with Families . New York: Springer Publishing Company.

This infosheet discusses social media and ethics and provides 10 tips for professional counselors. 

· Social Media: 10 Tips for Professional Counselors  (n.d.). Counselors Advocate: American Counseling Association

Infograph on ethical decision making.

· So You Have an Ethical Dilemma?  (n.d.). American Counseling Association

The meaning of human services explains human services workers in NYC and their work serving disadvantaged groups.

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The Meaning of Human Services

A look at the National Association of Social Workers’ code of ethics.

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Judge me not..... The National Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics