Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



It Counts

Camry S. Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 10, 2021

Dr. Woods

It Counts

Leadership and ethics are an important part of business. It is the foundation that business has to stand on in order to keep a great and positive reputation and to be ran efficiently. There are many types of leadership styles that ultimately lead to different results rather they are successful or failures. The key element with all these leadership styles is that communication is still vital (Putnam & Nicotera, 2009). True leadership is not always about the talk, it is about the actions put behind those words that have been spoken. Employers are going to trust good leadership because they will feel their best is always considered in each decision made. If an employer has questions of how leadership is leading the company, that thought process itself could set the company up for failure and start a chain of events that will fail end in being unsuccessful as a whole. Ethics plays a huge part in leadership. Because when dealing with ethics, it consists of people that also have great integrity.

Great Leadership is the gateway to reaching everyone in the entire company. This is important in the Sports industry because they are already so many fake and phony people that are established in the game. A player should not want their name to be in a tag line with a company like Nike or Adidas or any other sports merchandiser if they will not lead with great leadership. A small number of studies have been conducted, revealing that coaches’ transformational leadership is related to athlete motivation and performance, player aggression, and team/task cohesion (Stenling, & Tafvelin, 2014). Great leadership requires a good perspective, requires compassion and less of thinking about self and more of thinking what could be beneficial to the people within the company besides executives.

Being in leadership is not always easy, leadership comes with trials and tribulations. Leadership will have one questioning how they perform, if they are approachable, if they have done the right thing for their employees and employers. But during these times are when leaders have to lean on the Lord for strength and perseverance to continue the journey that the Lord has placed them on. In Isaiah 4:10 he proclaims, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Ethics in the sports field holds so much weight because of past experiences. Past experiences have proven in the sports field that people are not always who they say they are. The ways in which we organize our moral commitments with regard to sports activities can have significant social effects. It therefore matters how and where we draw the ethical boundaries for the methods and practices that can be used to win and succeed (Kvalnes, & Hemmestad, 2010). If an agent or agency holds ethics, they possess a valuable asset that not people can say that they have. In the sports world, the world reads about how these agencies and agents take advantage or players and their money. It is truly a sad part of the business, but it is very realistic and a real wake up call for many of people.

In this paper there is a mention of when dealing with ethics comes with dealing with people’s integrity. In the sports industry, integrity is an important element to find in a person. Athletes and so many other people put their dreams, lives and futures into these people’s hands so it is important for them to understand the character and integrity level that they have establish within their inner circle. In Matthew 7:12 he states, “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.” This allows people to see what someone does for the next person does not go unnoticed. The Lord is watching ensuring that service is being done to each other.

In conclusion, ethics plays a role because good ethics can keep someone around for a very long time versus if there is bad ethics establish those people will leave and attempt to find someone that will have good ethics and morals to extend their career and legacy. Leaderships is very important because this determines a company’s culture and environment within the company. These two elements are valuable assets to any company and life.


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