Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



Running head: THE FUTURE



The Future Talks

Camry Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 3, 2021

Dr. Woods

The Future Talks

In every industry there will always be issues and trends that come in go. The world continues to evolve every single day. In the times that are currently among the world, one minute people are up and the next they are down. It is honestly a never ending cycle. The cycle was started hundreds over years ago. It is almost like the crab in the bucket scenario. The world is just waiting for a down fall from certain people. In the sports world there is always change going on. Rules are constantly changing. People are constantly changing. The topicality of the relevant research is determined by the strategic importance of the young generation in the context of modern dynamism - the real prospects for the development of any country in the coming decades are connected with youth (Vodolazhskaya, Senatova, Novikov A., Novikova, Ostanina, Zhandarova, & Skutelnik, 2020). It is a world that people have to truly have to understand that they can be out at any point. It also does not make it better that social media is a part of the sports world heavily. It is as no rock goes unturned in this industry because there always has to be a story or an article to get the world to see. This is also why it is so important that athletes and people involved in the sports world to understand current issues and trends that are happening around them.

Current issues play a huge part in any sports organization. It is understood that in the sports world the media will have a heavy presence and influence. The value of understand that some issues in the sports world will break a person’s career. Organizational leaders frequently find themselves in situations where their changing environment mandates the implementation of new initiatives (Petersen & Bartel, 2020). In the era, that is currently here it is known as cancel culture. Despite all the good things an athlete can do, if that athlete falls into the cancel culture, it is truly a dog fight to battle their way back to society’s good graces. It is unfortunate that situations like this happen in the world today, but that is just the way that society works. Their influence on the sports world is huge and athletes have to take that into account in their decisions.

The value behind understanding things like current issues allows for the sports organizations and athletes to stay out of the limelight of the media and tabloids. This not only enhances their careers but allows to media to paint them to be great people allowing people to buy into who they are and what they stand for. Current issues will not always be the same they come and go, but some of them bring so much impact into lives and eventually turn into trends that is why the two go hand in hand with each other.

Trends can truly come from anything. The value of understanding a trend is being up to date and knowing how someone can operate and how they cannot operate. Just as current issues can turn into trends, trends can turn into movements. As a world, people witnessed it first hand as George Floyd death lead to the exposure of the Black Lives Matter movement. That movement struck the world like a wild fire. People were protesting. People were speaking out about police brutality and the needs to have equity and justice for black and brown people. Trends like this can become game changer in any industry.

The newest trend in the sports world and sports organization just happened just two days ago. When the courts rule in favor of college student athletes all around the world, that will allow them to get paid for their own likeliness. The rule went into effect on July first. The NCAA used these student athletes and made billions of dollars from them. The NCAA is charged with regulating athletes at its nearly 1,300 member schools. Instead, it op presses them and denies those living under a democratic, capitalist system the right to financially gain off their talent and hard work ( Harris, 2018). Once in an industry where college athletes were suspended and sometimes kicked out of school for accepting money from donors and sponsors, is now a world where these students can be paid. This is what a trend can do becoming ground breaking and the understanding the power it has in it is only the beginning.

In conclusion, the value of understanding current issues and trends can come with a high price not only in the sports field, but also in the real world. Sometimes dealing with issues and trends brings change that sometimes as a society are not shown is needed. As a society it is easy to point fingers and just throw in the towel, but as someone who has value and understanding, they have to turn bad situations into wins not only for themselves but for society.


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