Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



Running head: EDUCATION



Education Key

Camry Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 3, 2021

Dr. Woods

Education Key

Education is the forefront of everything that causes the world to go around. It is the foundation of truly every industry, every invention, every technology advancement even for the world to understand education plays a part in it. From the smallest thing to the largest, basic education is needed in order to comprehend anything at hand. Education is that important to the world it is a true means of the survival without people would be lost. Because of that point, it helps bring home how education plays a part of the sports world and industry. In order to truly be successful in the sports industry, there has to be a level of education to be understood and achieved. It holds so much value to have both education and a passion for sports.

The value of education in a sports organization is important. It is what will set an organization apart from the rest. Being in the sports industry, puts people under the notion that athletes do not have to be part that they will surround themselves with smart people so that they can handle the athlete’s business affairs. For many years that notion has been poisoning the minds of athlete’s because that is not the type of mindset that will allow an athlete to not only win on the court or field but off the court or field also. The democratic changes in society inevitably call for changes in universities. It is necessary that these transformations arе tailored in accordance with the needs of people, for whom they are made (Georgiev, 2020). It is a mindset that will only derail them and set themselves up for failure. Education is the key between an organization between great or mediocre. Education starts at a young age. Education has to be instilled in someone year in and year out. There will never be a point in a person’s life where they will stop needing to learn or listen. Those are major elements of education. The world also has so many different methods in the way people can learn and be educated. While using virtual reality technology, students can also enjoy professional teaching to obtain a large amount of educational knowledge and sports training skills knowledge and information. They can also learn about sports competitions, sports health, psychological and physiological information, traditional physical education, and sports (Li, Yi, & Gu, 2021). The world also has to take into account that learning, listening, and education starts at home, it starts as a baby and as one grows their mind capacity and intelligence grows. Education holds value. This value is an asset because no one can take away the education that a person has learned holds. As the hold saying goes knowledge holds power but only if it is used.

The topic of the final term paper is how sports benefits a personal from a young age to adult age. One of the biggest aspects will be education. Education is the driver seat of the vehicle. Athletes have to understand the true value of education. Without equal academic opportunities in elementary, middle, or high school, many students may never have the chance to succeed in life, much less at a sport (Keegan, 2002). I feel that is why organizations have taken into account that after high school these athletes need to go into one year of college. I think that it is a fair rule because it allows them to venture out into a sports world where it is run as a business and it gives them a training course of how things will be before they try to go into the pros. These committees understand the value of education because even in baseball, they put in controls for high schoolers if they choose to go back to school the team will pay for it. So, it is safe to say the world understand the needs of athletes to have some type of education or exposure. This builds athletes around a new notion that we are not just athletes. Their purpose is so much bigger than just throwing, bouncing or hitting a ball. Exposure leads to expansion. This is the same for education. Exposure of education from an organization leads to expansion of everything around the exposure.

In conclusion, I think that education is the first step to building an organization centered around sports. Education has to be a key part to not only enhance the business but also the people that are around it. The value in exposure and expansion is built into educating athletes and people who want to be involved in the sports organization. Just think about all the new technology and invention or methods that could come from just being educated enough to ask the right question and surrounding oneself with the correct organization that will encourage a person to keep going and keep asking the right question. That is truly the beauty of education and sports.


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