MKT 4800 Fall 2022

Uber: Answer Form

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Grading Criteria

1) This assignment requires formal business writing. Your writing tone should be formal.

2) All sentences must be complete. Bullet points are not acceptable.

3) Use proper grammar.

4) You must use your own words in your answers. Do not copy and paste sentences from the textbook case or the assigned articles.

5) The majority of your grade will be based on correctness and quality. Regarding quality, an answer with fewer than four (4) lines on computer viewing (not on smartphone viewing) will be considered as a poor-quality answer.

Q1) Identify key players (e.g., customer groups, supplier companies, major organizations) that Uber deals with in its operation and, from the marketing perspective, describe what Uber exchanges with each of the key players in order to make money in its business.

Q2) Uber uses surge pricing. (a) What are the pros and cons of its surge pricing? (b) What would you recommend to Uber to reduce the controversy surrounding its surge pricing?



Q3) How does Google’s Waze differentiate its service from Uber? What advantages does Google’s Waze have over Uber?

Q4) What are the reasons that many companies in several industries [e.g., ride-sharing companies, car manufacturers (including Tesla), auto suppliers, trucking companies, Google, Apple, Amazon] are competing fiercely in developing self-driving cars?

Q5) Why are self-driving cars critical for Uber’s future?

Q6) Based on the last assigned article, (a) if Apple decides to enter the car business, what would be Apple’s strengths and weaknesses in the car business? [You must provide at least two strengths and two weaknesses.] (b) Given Apple’s strengths and weaknesses in the car business and Uber’s overall goals, should Uber join forces with Apple in developing self-driving cars? Why or why not? Provide your rationale.