Running head: Week 2 Journal 1

Week 2 Journal 4

Week 2 Journal

Taylor Wester

Chamberlain University

July 18, 2021

Important Idea

“Making arguments and giving reasons to communicate the basis for our beliefs and decisions are universal in our species” is the most valuable and important idea in the section. The idea is valuable for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that it provides a valid discussion that is applicable in different times. From the past times to the modern times, beliefs and conviction that one has on a given aspect of life is determined by the argument and reasons given. The greater the conviction one has, the stronger the argument the individual is likely to use in supporting the reason for believing whatever he or she believes in. Irrespective of where the belief or the individual lives in, there has to be sound reasons that make the individual have the conviction to what he or she beliefs in.

Critical Thinking

One of the concepts raised in chapter 4 that might make the analysis difficult is the idea of the Biblical books such as Genesis being written before the development of science and yet using science as a basis of science. The chapter supports the use of science as the main tool used in making analysis to determine the validity of the concepts raised in the Bible. This means the Genesis cannot be analyzed through the scientific principles brought by the development of science. However, all ideas discussed in the book of Genesis are existence in science which means science has basic principles which can serve as basis for the analysis. Another actor that makes it difficult to make analysis is limiting science as the only basis that can be used in evaluating any body of knowledge whereas the world comprise of more disciplines. For instance, an analysis can be done based on an approved theory such as behavioral theories.


I believe what I believe because it is verifiable through empirical data analysis. One of my beliefs is that mindset and perception towards a given activity determines the outcome from engaging in the activity. This is because a student may perceive a course to be difficult to understand and perform well and end up experiencing poor results in the examination or continuous assessment tests. If the student shifts the perception of the subject or course and start perceiving the course or unit as simple and easy to understand and perform well, the academic performance on the will start improving. The reason for believing this is because there are facts developed from past research studies.

There has been evidence on the relationship between mindset, perception and the outcome or results obtained from engagement on a given activity. Research conducted by psychologists on specific participants show a high correlation between the perception of a participant and the respective performance (MacLean et al, 2019). For instance, on a research done on runners, participants who had a positive attitude towards winning the race actually won in the race.


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