Postpartum Depression


This is the feedback for the first homework, she asked me to do over!

Great job.  Please view the news section for week 1.  This is not an informative paper and you will not just report on strokes.  What are new treatments?  You will need to pick an angle.  This is in the news section for week 1.  Please make sure you have an original post and respond to two other students.

Direction given for homework #1

This week we are choosing the topics for your synthesis paper.  Your topic choice is the Discussion Board assignment. Please post your topic and reason for choosing that topic.  Feel free to post questions about the topic to your classmates, also.  Then, respond to a couple of your classmates' topic choices.  Please keep the tone collegial and helpful.  Be sure what you post is more than "good topic."  Make it something helpful to your classmate, just as you hope for their help.  :-)

When selecting your topic, you want a topic that you can research. Selecting a topic like COPD, heart disease, or ESRD is a start, but what new information about the disease do you want to learn? For example:

Is there a new medication for treatment of the disease?

Is there a new treatment option or nursing intervention?

Is there new research linking one disease to another?

An example would be: If I wanted to look at obesity, there is new research about how the body wants to return to homeostasis and for some people no matter how much they exercise they will continue to gain weight. 

The professional development paper focuses on how to narrow those topics so that our research is more focused.