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Term Paper Proposal

My term paper's focus will be the impact of environmental courts and tribunals in influencing environmental sustainability. Concerns about global warming and emissions are causing public policy changes and consumer sentiment within the policymakers' realm for sustainable development (Marsh, 2020). The legal regime providing for the compliance with the sustainable environmental practices for both companies at individual places at the center of it the jurisdiction of judicial and quasi-judicial bodies punish derogation from this universal duty. The agencies are at their best to ensure compliance with the law. For example, in 2019, International Aerospace Coatings, Inc., Dura Coat Products, Inc., and Goodwest Rubber Linings, Inc. were fined approximately $170,000 by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for alleged violations of the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), which governs hazardous waste management (US EPA, 2019).

Conscious of the need to have an environment that is habitable to us today and the posterity, the time has never been ripe for evaluating the individual agencies within the broad number of agencies that have been put in place to meet this novel objective. Acknowledging that there is a comprehensive framework that works in conjunction and no single agency within the framework can singularly result in compliance with the requisite practices, the need to examine the efficacy of every agency's contribution towards the singular objective cannot be overlooked.

This area should be of interest as it enables understanding the positive steps that the judicial and quasi-judicial bodies have made towards sustainable development goals. Further, it provides an examination on the limitation of the judicial activism regarding the environmental protection. Further, it provides insight into the provision that is hindering the judicial bodies in enhancing environmental protection, which influences other rights provided to the people under the law that the courts should enforce (SeventhQueen, 2017).


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