Stress Assessment


Stress Index Questionnaire

1. I have frequent arguments-Yes

2. i often get upset at work-Yes

3. i often have neck and/or shoulder pain due to anxiety/stress-Yes

4. i often get upset when i stand in long lines-Yes

5. i often get angry when i listen to the local, national, or world news or read the newspaper-No

6. i do not have enough money for my needs-No

7. i often get upset when driving-Yes

8. i have at least one constant source of stress/anxiety in my life (e.g., conflict with boss, neighbor, mother-in-law)-Yes

9. i often have stress-related headaches-Yes

10. i do not practice stress management techniques-Yes

11. i rarely take time for myself-Yes

12. i have difficulty in keeping my feelings of anger and hostility under control-No

13. i have difficulty in managing time wisely-Yes

14. i often have difficulty sleeping-Yes

15. i am generally in a hurry-Yes

16. i usually feel that there is not enough time in the day to accomplish what i need to do-Yes

17. i often feel that i am being mistreated by friends or associates-Yes

18. i do not regularly perform physical activity-No

19. i rarely get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night-Yes

Results-High Stress Category *I was not surprised by my stress score*

Two biggest stressors are balancing work with anything else including sleep and managing my mental health diagnosis (severe anxiety and severe ptsd) without medication or professional help.

Relaxation Technique’s

1. "Progressive relaxation is a technique that uses exercises to reduce muscle tension. (Muscle tension is a common symptom of stress.) You practice the technique while sitting quietly or lying down. First you contract muscle groups and then relax them one at a time, beginning with your feet and moving up your body to your hands, neck, and face until you achieve a complete state of muscle relaxation" (Powers, 2017)

2. Breathing Exercises

3. Meditation

4. Visualization

5. Develop Spiritual Wellness

6. Develop a Support Network

7. Stress Relief Using: Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Movement


Chapter 11

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