Wk 5 - Apply: Signature Assignment: Strategic Analysis - Apply: Signature Assignment: Strategic Analysis


Running Head: STRATEGIC PLAN 1


Strategic plan

Elizabeth Garcia


One of the strategic plans that I am interested in is Amazon’s corporate strategy. Amazon is the leading retailer in the world and it has become a pioneer in the online retailing business. Despite the company starting as an online bookstore, it acquired its success by diversifying into the selling of any good that can be sold online. This company has continued to expand globally and it now operates across the world through a set of localized portals and globalized delivery and logistics platforms. This strategic plan is centered on leveraging technological abilities for the success of the business and following a cost leadership strategy (Tigre, 2019). This strategy has indeed, worked well for the organization since it is the world’s largest online retailer today and it has always been the leader in the market segments in which it operates.

The strategic plan clearly states where the organization is going and how it will get there through its vision and statement. The company wants to be the world’s most customers centered company in which consumers can find and discover anything that they may need to buy online. This shows that the company always prioritizes its customers who may want to buy anything from any place and be delivered right at their doorsteps. The company strives to achieve its goals by providing customers with the lowest possible prices, the best available selection, and with utmost convenience. The strategic plan analyzes the external environment of the organization by evaluating certain factors such as technology, sociocultural, economic, and political factors. Some of the issues that were highlighted under the political factor included efforts to improve cybersecurity and tax exmptions. The internal factors that have been evaluated in the strategic plan include the company’s reputation, its impressive infrastructure, interactive website, and management. The company offers a very interactive website to all consumers which enables them to find it easy while placing orders because all the products are aligned based on their respective categories.

The strategic plan also comprises the various ways to promote corporate social responsibility and environment sustainability such as building stronger and community relations, talent attraction and retention of employees, consumer appeal, and positive and reputation building (Cusumano, 2017). Most consumers today are increasingly interested in businesses that support the causes that they value and Amazon aims at achieving this through customer appeal. Creating a positive brand image for the organization will promote sustainability and responsibility in the business which results in acquiring more profits.


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