Briefing Book for Prof Tutor Only**


SOPH603-Fall2018 1

Your Briefing Book Assignment Timeline

Your Briefing Book will include three sections, each focusing on a different policy


 Section 1: Sugar sweetened beverage tax

 Section 2: One of four sets of policy options that is assigned to you

 Section 3: Your own “wild card” choice of a policy option (different from 1 and 2 above).

Ultimately, your Briefing Book is your compendium of the evidence base for your

Policy Memo. So that you gather your evidence systematically and in time to use

it, you will build your Briefing Book over time.

Week 2:

 You will receive an example Briefing Book Section 1: Sugar sweetened beverage tax as a model.

 You will be assigned one of four categories of other policy options. This will be your topic for Briefing Book Section 2.

 In studio, you will learn to do a targeted literature search and produce a search strategy for your Section 2 topic. Your search strategy must be turned

in no later than 11:59 pm that day.

Week 3:

 Remember Briefing Book Section 1: Sugar sweetened beverage tax? That was produced from a larger set of articles gleaned from a targeted literature


 Be ready to talk – from an informed perspective-- about the evidence and perceptions on SSB tax in studio on Friday.

 You will get feedback on your Section 2 topic search strategy no later than noon on Tuesday. Use that feedback to run your own good literature search

for your Briefing Book Section 2.

 Bring your early findings from your Section 2 search and be ready to discuss during studio on Friday.

 Using the Section 1 example as your model, you will complete your draft of your Briefing Book Section 2 and turn it in on Sunday.

 You learned how to do peer review in 602. We advise you to ask a fellow student whose opinion you value to go through your Section 2 with the

rubric and give you constructive critique for your next draft. This type of

SOPH603-Fall2018 2

peer consultation is valuable, and it’s not cheating unless they take over and

do the thinking or writing for you!

Week 4:

 This week you will choose your “wild card” option for your Section 3.

 Since you already know how to do a targeted literature search, you will set up your search strategy and run your search.

 Again, you’ll need to come to the studio on Friday ready to talk intelligently about your early findings from your Section 3 search.

 Draft Section 3, and get a peer to review it with you.

Week 5:

 Are you satisfied with your work on Sections 2 and 3? Now you’ll complete the whole Briefing Book (Executive Summary, Sections 1-3, and the

compendium of your chosen articles).

 Your whole final Briefing Book will be submitted on Thursday.