Briefing Book for Prof Tutor Only**


The American Heart Association (AHA), American Beverage Association (ABA) and other advocacy and stakeholder groups get wind of Walker’s interests.

There is so much noise around the Senator’s tax on


Walker needs a concrete example of how different stakeholders have played

out in another case of SSB- limiting policy.

“Sounds like a job for my staff!”

ASSIGNMENT #1 1. Read the New York City soda cap case available in eCampus under required readings for week 2 session 4. 2. Read instructions (also under week 2 session 4) of the assignment associated with the reading. Post your assignment in eCampus, no later than 11:59pm Wednesday October 24th. 3. Bring the policy process map to the plenary session of week 2 session 4.

In the meantime… Chad, Dixie’s assistant, walks in and hands Rosa the breaking news….

Dr. Sanchez, the new Commissioner noticed that Senator Walker’s proposal has triggered competing policy approaches.

Chad rolls up his sleeves: this must be serious. For example, the ABA states that their mission is “to spread awareness about regulations that would limit consumer choice, and provide Americans with more information about the choices they make every day, allowing them to lead balanced lifestyles.”

The AHA “supports taxing sugar- sweetened beverages as an important policy intervention,” but it is clear that they are interested in seeing it as part of “a multi- pronged policy, programmatic, systems, and environment change approach to decrease consumption across the US population with the goal of improving health.”

One of the APHA action steps is that “Local, state, and federal governments should impose excise taxes on all sugar-sweetened beverages and dedicate the funds generated to obesity prevention efforts.”

The Heritage Foundation wrote that “Soda taxes are a dangerous idea that demonstrate the willingness of some people to trample on individual freedom. These taxes, first and foremost, are efforts to limit our ability to make our own personal dietary decisions.” I’m not sure that they have an alternative, but clearly they will opposed Walker’s bill.

And the list goes on and on !!!!!

Dixie…um, Dr. Benika, would like you to provide us with the most relevant and compelling evidence for the different policy options?

Of course! I have a brilliant staff team that will create a briefing book. Let me work on a timeline and get back to you.

Thanks! Dr. Benika knew you were the right person for this!

This is how I envision the timeline for the briefing book for my staff…

ASSIGNMENT To communicate the most relevant and compelling evidence of different policy options, you will create a briefing book. Here is your timeline for developing the Briefing Book: • Section 1 (week 2): Sugar sweetened beverage tax

(actually, I took care of this for you so that you’d have an example)

• Section 2 (week 3): One of four sets of policy options that I will assign to you

• Section 3 (week 4): Your own “wild card” choice of a policy option (different from 1 and 2 above)

•  Complete briefing book (week 5): Executive Summary, Sections 1-3, and the compendium of your chosen articles

Your Briefing Book is your compendium of the evidence base for the Policy Memo I am also going to ask you to prepare. The Policy Memo will represent the analysis of the evidence that you gather over the upcoming weeks. I will ultimately use that Policy Memo to help inform Senator Walker.

You will be able to see details for creating the briefing book in eCampus->course material->Briefing book. So check that folder constantly for updates.