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Rosa Sanchez gets a text at 2:41 am.

“Technology will break your heart every time…” she thought.

It’s Betty, the department’s Director of Government Relations.

And a 2:41 am text from Betty

is NOT to be ignored!

Betty’s text sez:

I see Walker filed that bill you’ve been waiting for! SB 420!


Rosa loses no time in calling her program’s government relations liaison, Margaret, ...

…who is still on watch at a senate committee meeting at this wee

hour, and won’t answer her call.

Rosa thinks fast:

“I’ll just look up the

bill myself!”

There it is! SB 420: Relating to a tax on sugar sweetened beverages

• And it’s got 4


Senators Lee, Gorowara,

Heisenberg, and Rowling.

But aside from that, there’s not much meat on those bones…yet.

Just then, the senate committee ends and Margaret calls back.

Yes, Margaret confirms. “I’ve spoken with Senator Walker’s legislative chief, Mr. Baskin. Here’s what he said.”

“No, there are no details yet. Walker filed the bill as a shell to make sure it gets assigned to a committee and gets scheduled for a hearing.”

“Her co-authors are a show of unity with other senators.”

“And she also wants to get the basic idea out there so the various stakeholders can come forward and start to shape it.”

“Your staff are still very much involved!” Baskin assured Margaret.

And the game is on! Advocacy groups have already started to weigh in…


and Con!

And the opinion

pieces are

stacking up!

Assignment: You are the expert staff

• Remember Briefing Book Section 1: Sugar sweetened beverage tax? Be ready to talk – from an informed perspective – about the evidence and perceptions on the SSB tax in studio on Friday.

• You’ll get feedback on your Section 2 topic search strategy no later than noon on Tuesday. Use that feedback to run your own good literature search for your Briefing Book Section 2.

• Bring your early findings from your Section 2 search and be ready to discuss during studio on Friday.

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