Benchmark – Framework Compliance Assessment Report



Good Evening Professor, 

Is this final report supposed to combine all the other reports we have completed in weeks 1, 3, 4, 5. 6, and 7 into one final report due in week 8 or is it supposed to be all original work?

According to the Report Guide we are supposed to use to complete the assignment, it is broken in sections listed below. 

Section I: Executive Summary: which we are doing in week 7

Section II Organizational Objectives and Priorities: We completed this in Week 2.

Section III Operational Compliance and Risk Assessment: We completed this in Week 4 

Section IV Response and Recovery Planning

Section V: Improvements and Recommendations: Completed a portion of this in Week 6

If we are supposed to combine all the work we have already done in this class, is that ok to do to complete this assignment. 

Sorry for the long question, just looking for clarification. 

Thank you 


Re: Benchmark - Framework Compliance Report

Harry, you combine all the previous weeks work into a single report. What you have is excellent in the layout.

Any questions please let me know.