Self-Improvement Project Report on budgeting



The final for this course is a paper titled Improvement Project Report. Below is the rubric for this that details the expectations. Well developed Essentially Developed Partially Developed Marginally developed Unaccep-table
This is how your final paper will be graded 15-13 12-10 9-7 6-4 3-0
“Plan” Stage: Paper clearly addresses the goal or overall aim of what the Improvement Project is trying to accomplish; details objectives; identifies evidence-based research. Includes introduction, review of literature,
“Do” Stage: Paper describes what the intervention was and what was done; details changes made; describes how actions were based on research; details how the data was collected and by whom. Includes aim statement, changes implemented, how will you know if improvement has been made
“Study” Stage: Paper describes how the change is an improvement; details what data was collected; displays data in an appropriate format; details what went right, wrong, and what changes can be made that will result in improvement. Includes Likert scale and run chart (required)
“Act” Stage and Summary of Learning: Paper describes how student will use what has been learned to make more improvements; provides a detailed summary of learning from the project; provides a summary of learning regarding the PDSA Improvement model and how to apply it in the future; details how to sustain improvement and if any more changes will need to be made. Includes lessons learned from project and use of PDSA in the future
Research and Documentation: Synthesizes in-depth information from relevant sources representing various points of view/approaches; APA format and style of citation used appropriately throughout the paper; adequate number of sources referenced. Paper length 8-10 pages NOT including title and reference page. Four references: at least 3 scholarly, 2 reliable Websites. APA format
Mechanics: Word choice, sentence structure, spelling, and punctuation; evidence of proofreading for sentence errors. Includes use of Arial or Times New Roman Font of 12, margins one inch, at least 1.5 or double spaced,
OVERALL SCORE: WRITING 5 Title page, reference page, use of spell check, grammar proofing, proper capitalization and punctuation, avoiding use of "second person"
OVERALL SCORE: CRITICAL THINKING 5 Includes: integration of research and learning into project
Built-in Points 50
Total 50
135-150 120-134 105-119 90-104 below 90