Scholarly Paper Phase 2



Scholarly Paper Phase 1

Barkisu Fortenberry

Chamberlain College of Nursing

NR351: Transitions in Professional Nursing

November 25, 2018

Building resiliency

The article talks about how failure to achieve objective or a goal can really make one lose confidence and doubt their abilities and skills. Susan, one of the nurses fails her critical care examination (Massachusetts, 2016). This, event makes her lose her confidence in her professionalism. She doubts her knowledge and skills and this affected other areas of her life as she questions her decisions. Therefore, this happens to almost everyone and [positive bouncing back is called resiliency (Hood, 2018). Resiliency is founded in our minds and beliefs. As a result Susan need to be resilient so that her career can flourish. Resiliency will enable her to solve problems at hand in life. Resilient people views struggle as a challenge, they don’t see it as a reflection of their own skills and career. Perhaps, for Susan to bounce back should change her limiting belief by viewing herself as a victim. Then she should stop ruminating over the whole issue. The following are factors to build residency back. Developing gratitude attitudes, start meditation or practicing yoga, work on the wellness habit, then lastly surround yourself with people that support you.

Impact on my life

This article is a must read for any career person. Personally I will not only apply it in my career by even in my examinations. For instance, I will not blame myself for the difficulties in life. This will only reduce my confidence in my line of duty. Therefore, I will always seek resiliency and not judge the event or difficulty in terms of my career but as a challenge. By not making myself a victim this will improve my resilience (Hood, 2018). To improve my level of resiliency will always exercise gratitude attitude, surround myself with people who support, improve personal habits, and focus on my past success and not give a priority to my past events. Through this I will not only improve my confidence but also resiliency. In summary, failure is supposed to be used as a lesson and not to paralyze events in our life.


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