Activity: A Policy You Would Change



STUDENT TIP: Here is a sample of how to write and format this short Week 9 Activity to prepare your selected policy change for the following Week 10 paper. Note that you do not have to format your Sources in SWS this week, but you will need to use SWS formatting in your upcoming Week 10 Final Reflection paper when you describe this selected policy change in greater detail.

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Week 9 Activity: A Policy You Would Change

Policy Choice: Environmental Policy

Global Warming is changing our climate in the US. The earth is warming from the North Pole to the South Pole at an alarming rate (Ballotpedia, 1). The average temperature globally has increased by more than 1.6 degrees Fahrenheit, especially in the polar regions. Global Warming not only effects the earth’s temperature; it also affects extreme weather patterns and the wildlife population and habits here in the US. Humans are contributing to why the climate is changing by emitting carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere (Denchak, 2). I want to change the environmental policies in the United States to do more to reduce climate change.


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