HRMT330 DB 4


HRM Legal Environment

Human Resources Outline

Every company or business has sometime of Human Resource department. This part of the company or business is important to the company or business because it has a number of tasks to keep the business or company running, flowing, and prospering. This department has many tasks and duties they are in charge of on a daily basis.

· Describe the professional responsibilities of HR professionals.

· The hiring of applicants, firing of employees, and assistance in employee advancement.

· Knowledge of labor laws and upholding said labor laws.

· Resolve internal issues within employees and enforce policies such as sexual harassment.

· What does it mean to include fairness and justice in the HR profession?

· Decisions being made should be fair and just and not based on emotion or the personal preference of the HR professional towards the employee.

· Actions should be based off the company’s policies and labor laws.

· How should HR professionals appropriately manage an organization’s information?

· Organization’s information is confidential and should only be spoken to authorized personnel.

· Should not to be talked about outside company walls or to non-authorized personnel.

· The office including human resource documents should always be under lock and key.

· Refraining from workplace commentary on social media. What can be shared and what cannot be shared on social media?

· HR professionals will avoid posting any comments related to their workplace or job responsibilities on social media.

· No social media posting should occur during work hours to avoid any leaks of information.

· When posting on social media there can be no indications of the type of work being performed in the post. No documents, policies, or computers work can be shown.

· Maintaining a professional image

· The professionals should be presented in appropriate attire and clothing.

· Positive body language is important along with a positive attitude and behavior.

· HR professionals need to communicate and engage with other effectively.

· Harassment

· There is a zero tolerance policy for harassment.

· All employees must upheld.

· HR professionals will have yearly presentations regarding harassment and will deal with any issues relating to it.

· Customer privacy and IT security

· IT security is extremely important to the organization to keep all internal and external records safe from non-authorized users. This will be a daily task by the IT department.

· Employees will take all necessary steps to uphold customer privacy.

Human resources is key to keep an company or business running well with all employees. They help with all questions employees may have regarding benefits, wages, and policies. Human Resources is responsible to make sure the company and employees are not violating any labor laws. If violations does occur, they must correct these issues in a timely manner rather the violation is by a employee or the company. You could say that Human Resources is the backbone of the company because they are the connection between the company and employees.