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Sale, Trade, Or Donation Of Human Organs

DeAnna Fleming

ENG – 106

Professor Green

Sale, Trade, Or Donation Of Human Organs

For the last few years, human beings have been undergoing different challenges that have been affecting their lives in both negative and positive ways. Having factors such as modernization that has been come with revolution, there are many stable transformations that have been in the sectors such as health and medicine. This has been in different subjects such as the ones about the transplants of the different human organs from an individual to the other as a way of saving lives. This has been seen as a useful way to make sure human beings have longer lives. The accomplishments of the human organs through the sale, trade and even through the donation have been taken as the alternative of the transplant which however poses a great problem on both sides that are involved. Becoming an organ donor is important because the organ waiting list continues to grow on a daily basis, the donation of organs by an organ donor organs after death can transform others' lives, and when an organ donor dies and donates their organs, one organ donor can save many different lives. Comment by Deanna C Fleming: Title: the title is weaker right now - it is broad and doesn't give any sense about what the essay is about Comment by Deanna C Fleming: take more time with some of your wording - things like "stable transformations" are not clear and aren't using phrases that are clearer and more precise - remember that our writing center can provide some extra support Comment by Deanna C Fleming: this doesn't yet meet rubric area 1 for being a definition-based essay, which would lead to a failing grade on the paper given how heavily weighted that area is - right now, you have "extremely important" that looks like it could be your definition term, but modifiers like "extremely" really don't add meaning and are weaker - you also then don't take the time to define your term - paragraph 2 should provide a clear definition and argue for why your definition in the context of this paper is correct

The first issue that comes along with the issue is the facts about the danger of the entire procedure. The most important aspect that we need to look at is the issue of compatibility of the organs that need to be exchanged. The donor of the organs is in danger of losing their kidney as well as the recipient is in danger of being affected by the organs that they are given. The issue may arise from the situation like denial, death and even procedure that are involved that are not 100% assured. These factors may lead to the death of the donor and even the recipient of the organs. Comment by Deanna C Fleming: this is awk in that you are speaking only of living donations - donations at death don't have this issue, so I'm not sure what you are arguing for

Most of the surgeons do not suggest living donation as the most particularly safest means to help in recovering the patient’s normal health (Warren, Gifford, Hong, Merion & Ojo, 2014). The organ trade has been engrossed much as it is termed as the backdoor movement. The World Health organization (WHO) gave the records that show the increase in the amount of the organs that are sold in the involved black market for the last few years. In 2010, it has been stated that more than 10,000 organs were traded and it shows one organ is sold per hour. The kind of illegal trafficking of the organs might be prevented through interdicting the involved direct sales as well as though having to restrict the sales to the specific geopolitical regions and hence ensure populace within a certain area which will be permitted to sell and even receive the organs. There is also the formation of the central communal body that is tasked with the financing of the purchase of the required organs and that will make sure the organs do not only reach the rich people but also the less disadvantaged people. Comment by Deanna C Fleming: for wording is hard to follow - sometimes, you are more clearly talking about illegal sales of organs but other times, you seem to be talking about voluntary donations - this has to be clearer

There are also other challenges that are associated with the trafficking and that entails tetrad as well as the involved sale of the human organs. This has come along with the criminal acts that are about the kidnapping of some humans to get organs (Warren, Gifford, Hong, Merion & Ojo, 2014). Many children and adults are abducted and killed for their organs to be harvested for the involved organ trade. There are high tricks that are used and poverty has been seen to play a very key role. The organ donor is not even compensated and the middlemen who are involved are the ones who pocket the large sums of the proceeding. In some cases, the individuals who are helpless are even diagnosed with fake diseases so that to get the organs harvested without their own consent.

The resolutions to this issue is that the market should have set some rules that allow the donor to get their rewards as well as have their acknowledgment and permission so that they can sell their body organs, and they should not be forced to sale their body organs through the third party and after that, they should collect compensation and proper post-operative care is needed. The other issue of the difference in the demand for the human organs and the supply. The individuals who are waiting for the organs seem to wait for a longer time, and they perish before they even get the organs delivered to them. Comment by Deanna C Fleming: a lot of your wording is very awk - I don't know what you mean here

Human organ transplantation has also been used by other many fake professionals who cheat the individual and take the advantage of the needy people, this has been due to the high demand of the organs that the supply of the same. This has posed a huge problem in society and that has been due to the high prices of the organs. United States Department of Health and Human Services gives approximate 350 American citizens who is at the end stage of the renal disorder whereby their organs stop functioning completely. There are no known medical interventions that can be used to restore a damaged kidney and hence complete transplant is required as the only option (Campbell, 2016). Comment by Deanna C Fleming: awk transition

In the year 2000 around three thousand Americans had to lose their lives while they are waiting for kidney transplantation. However, of the many death cases that have been reported, it has been shown that many of the relatives of the dead people could have been the very suitable donor of the organs that were wanted, more so, the patient would have got the organ donation from the people who die in fatal accidents or those in old age.

There are thousands of people who see the transplant practice as an ideal way to save another life hoping there will be a match of the organs that are required. The solution to the demand of the organs and the supply is to make sure you get one unlawfully from the involved black market (Cherry, 2015). The plots that are used in such cases are supposed to be allowed in the medical sector. The government in the United States need to control and endorse human organ and its trade as they aim to minimize the figure of the ways they can avoid the preventable deaths simply because of the scarcity of the available organs. More so, the government should also be able to deliver the promises for the solid transplant of the organs.

The nation’s critical organ donation and the involved donation requirement helps to promote the involved substitution procedure of the organs that correspond, the government of the United States came up and initiated the National Organ Transplant Act which was in the year 1984. The acts ensured the institution of the Transplantation Network and the Organs Procurement (OPTN) that was used to sustain the global registry for the organs corresponding. The acts have also proclaimed for the strategies that headed the private, as well as the nonprofit making firms that ate under the government's consensus.

The duly as well as organized order of the involved organ sale should be controlled through the procedure from both the contributors who are supposed to be treated in the right ways and well as the preference of the award that is needed for the economic position. The subject of organ trade will help to fix the reduction and the shortage of the organs but also introduce the excellence in the whole scheme. The government will be responsible for controlling the entire system and check the transparency and that will be accomplished at the best reasonable cost.

The legal organ sales scheme will help to offer the legality and the effectiveness of the entire procedure of organ transplants. The organ donor and the recipient will only be able to give or receive their organs at the designated transplant center. The transplant center is supposed to hold the right sanitary and even the secure condition of the subversive market. The donor cannot be able to deceived and given the wrong amount of money. On the other hand, the recipient will also use the right ways and will also not be deceived by the donor. The organized prices are supposed to be finalized and covered for both the donor and the recipient.

In some nations like Iran, it has been able to control the trade and the sale of the organs as it has been realized to be a society’s organized business, the country has been purchasing and trading the organs at the favorable prices (Taylor, 2017). This has been seen to happen when the demand for organs has been high. The donor is given free health care coverage for one year, the organ recipient is also asked to pay for the process of transplant as well as pay for the purchase of the organ (Potter, 2015). The other countries are advised to follow Iran’s process of the venture.

Today, the issue of buying and selling the human organs is allowed as long as it is done in the right ways and procedure and hence no assurance of there is not contracts. The donor and the recipients are both in danger and nothing to blame when things are going astray. All the involved people’s positions and the moral subject will need to be assessed (Taylor, 2017). The process may save many lives, and they are supposed to be made legal. There is an increase in the professionalism and the arguments that are in the awareness in the designed sale, trade as well as the donation of the human organs.

In conclusion, all the people we see around are bound to giving back to society in different ways. There is a need to give a pause and rethink the matter at hand. The sale, trade as well as the donation of the human organs is significant in different ways. When the business is made legal it will help to save the lives of many people as well as make the society a better and safer place to dwell in.

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