I need this by Friday. Please use some peer review journal articles. Please follow rubric.


1. Created short paragraph (50-100 word minimum) response for each question and addressed each part of the question. (the question does not count toward the word count) –/ 10 points

1. Research section: Demonstrated accuracy, thoughtful detail and intelligence with each answer and was written in own words and had original thought. -10 pts

1. Critical thinking Section: Original Examples are provided to explain answer. (Example:) Student has original and critical thinking:-10 pts

1. Created APA formatted document.

0. Included APA title page. 1/

0. Included APA in-text citations – 5/

0. APA reference page at the end. –3 pts/ 9 points total

1. Homework has questions written out, numbered and are in order. ( See student Success center for details on APA formatting) – 1 point


HOMEWORK EXAMPLE as posted in rubric doc in announcement:

1) Define CAM.

CAM stands for complementary and alternative medicine.  CAM consists of many different therapies and treatments that are used to prevent and treat illness and disease. These methods are not typically taught in Medical school or practiced by Western medical doctors.  Various practices use natural methods or substances to promote the body to heal or stay in harmony. The mind body and spirit of a person are brought into the equation of healing. (Falvo, pp.210-211, 2004)

Critical thinking/examples:

For example, Chiropractic, homeopathy, naturopathy, yoga, meditation and energy fields are some of the therapies used in CAM. I had a patient with diabetes and used to also get nutritional work completed by a Chiropractor that helped to control his blood sugar.

Hi Class, please be sure to create a highly organized assignment. There are 2 parts to each answer.

Write out the question and bold it.

Define patient compliance and explain its importance in your field.

1.  research: Write the research answer: The readings say... Research says.... (cite in the text)

1. critical thinking: Write your critical thinking: How can you apply this? What are your thoughts? Do you have any examples that clarify?