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PICOT statement

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Good start on your PICO question this week. However, I am not clear on what the PICOT question is. What is the specific intervention, comparison, and outcomes you are evaluating? I noted a few corrections and comments in your paper. Be sure to make corrections before including this in the final capstone paper in week 9. Thanks. – Mrs. Guzman

PICOT Sstatement


The population that is mostly affected with hypertension are male adults between the ages of 40 and 70 with hypertension, and with different diseases, that shows alteration in lifestyle (attracting routinely in practice and taking in more advantageous and sufficient dinners), appeared differently in relation to patients who use solution to treat/manage their high blood pressure, assist to manage their heartbeat and lessen the threat of making cardiovascular sicknesses in their recovery time inside a half year. The period will be adequately long to make a sick be able not to encounter the evil impacts of high blood pressure and to in like manner diminish the threats that the general population will customarily experience (Dua,, 2014). Comment by Melanie Guzman: Meaning is not clear Comment by Melanie Guzman: This is vague Comment by Melanie Guzman: 5 authors: Put all last names inn first citation, then et al. in subsequent citations

Intervention Comment by Melanie Guzman: Headings bolded

The essential strategy for mediation for sick with high blood pressure it is with no vulnerability to place them under medicine so that they can be restored. That is the most secure way as it will impact the patient to have the ability to manage themselves to the extent how they to think, what they eat and even the activities that they endeavor to take an interest in. The age of the patients will in like manner suggest that the sick are given arrangement that can oversee them in the most useful means and which they can recognize with everything taken into account. The medicine that can be provided for this circumstance is one that can diminish the brutality of a prescription. The nursing intercession for sick with high blood pressure is evaluating the migraine torments that sick is encountering and checking the obscured vision in like clockwork until the point when it leaves. Another nursing mediation is for an attendant to teach a sick on how they counsel with their specialist before the medicine is ceased (Dua,, 2014). Comment by Melanie Guzman: This is not clear. What is the identified problem? PICOT statement? What evidenced-based interventions related to that problem are you proposing? Comment by Melanie Guzman: What interventions are being doing to prevent high blood pressure? Is evaluation of migraine a major issue with HTN? Comment by Melanie Guzman:

Comparison Comment by Melanie Guzman: What are you specifically comparing in your PICOT statement?

The first contrasting alternative to differentiate from the intervention will have to do with affecting the sick to acquire the chance to complete a large proportion of exercises. That’s one fundamental step that will make it legal to have the ability to deal with the issue of high blood pressure and since practices have been shown that they function, it will then be essential for the patient to recover from hypertension and what will suggest that they will be restored from such sickness. Around the end, all will have wound up being satisfied as the patient will have the ability to get the pined for medication. Understanding consideration to those with hypertension is to initially instruct, measure the pulse and even offer guidance learning will involve altering the conduct of a sick that is identified with smoking, liquor admission and to oversee pressure (Howes, 2013). Comment by Melanie Guzman: Meaning is unclear

Outcome Comment by Melanie Guzman: What outcome are you evaluating?

In this investigation and dealing with a sick it is with no worry that there are issues that are being assumed to and which are there to have the ability to deal with the manner in which a sick finds the opportunity to respond to medication or even exercise. The cerebral torments that are consistently seen in patients with hostile hypertension joined with the proportion of contemplations are the status that are to be wiped out in the patients that have high blood pressure. The various ominous events in the sick will have decreased given the patients having the ability to be under medical or despite partaking in practices that are helpful for their prosperity. Social insurance organization for thinking about patients with hypertension can be any semblance of Intrepid USA Healthcare Services which gives Hypertension Management Program that enables patients to get and have a kept up circulatory strain that is sound (Howes, 2013). Comment by Melanie Guzman: This should have a citation. Hostile hypertension should be defined.


The period that should be considered in this hypertension condition is around half an year. Through seeking information from the case studies and preparing questionnaires with the medical experts of hypertension (Howes, 2013).

PICOT Question.

The PICOT study question for this study is- Wich methods can I use ti improve HYPERTENSION without medications?

Population- Elderly Patients-

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Dua, S., Bhuker, M., Sharma, P., Dhall, M., & Kapoor, S. (2014). Body Mass Index Relates. to Blood Pressure Among Adults. North American Journal of Medical Sciences, 6(2), 89– 95. Comment by Melanie Guzman: Title: only capitalize first letter of title, any proper nouns or first letter after colon/semicolon.

Howes, F., Warnecke, E., & Nelson, M. (2013). Barriers to lifestyle risk factor assessment and management in hypertension: A qualitative study of Australian general practitioners. Journal of Human Hypertension, 27, 474-478 doi:10.1038/jhh.2013.9. NRS-490 PICOT Statement Paper: Problem of Hypertension Comment by Melanie Guzman: Not bolded