NURS 5051 - Week 1 Discussion


**DEADLINE: FRIDAY 3/5/2021 BY 08:00 PM EST**

INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to your colleague, asking questions to help clarify the scenario and application of data, or offering additional/alternative ideas for the application of nursing informatics principles.

**Use at least 2 references**

Jennifer Nubla 

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Nursing and healthcare informatics is essential as it improves the quality and efficiency of information and data gathering, enhancing service quality.   American Nurses Association (as cited in Sweeney, 2017) stated that nursing informatics helps manage and communicate data information and knowledge in the nursing practice. McGonigle and Mastrian (2017) mentioned that "nursing informatics is a combination of nursing science, information science, and computer science." Data analysis from this science will help in the surveys known as HCAHPS required for hospitals to show transparency in quality service. (n.d.) mentioned that Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and System (HCAHPS) is the first publicly reported, systematized survey that gathers data about patients' perspectives.

 Based on my healthcare practice, I remembered a scenario where nurses gave patients instructions to mail patient satisfaction survey questions. I know the importance of feedback and reviews from post-care patient satisfaction surveys to recognize areas that need improvement to provide better nursing care for our patients.  We all know that healthcare is a service-oriented profession.  As nurses, we offer health services to our patients in need of it.  A way for us to evaluate the quality of service provided is to send patient satisfaction surveys after an episode of hospitalization.  These surveys will be either mailed or delivered electronically or even phone-in interviews. The data from these surveys can collect information about their overall experience, the nursing staff's attentiveness, the response time when they hit their "call buttons," the quality of the food, etc.  A rating system to provide a metric of the areas mentioned above.  Assuming that you can obtain a large volume of post-hospitalization surveys from your patients, the data can reveal which areas require further assessment to improve overall care better.    

The advancement in technology and the field of nursing informatics in the healthcare setting is vastly growing.  This progress supports the enhancement of quality in data gathering, efficiency in task performance, and quality care.

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