Unit 7 Paper and Powerpoint



Reflect to Elevate

Camry S. Griffith

Belhaven University

MSA 670

July 31, 2021

Dr. Woods

Reflect to Elevate

Personal reflection is something that we all have to do whether good or bad. Personal reflection, I feel is needed to see how far you have come from epic failures to minor successes to major successes. It is truly all a part of the journey that the Lord has destined us to help us to step into the passion and purpose that he has for our lives. This journey has been a very challenging one. There were times that I wanted to give up and throw in the towel because the program got hard and life got even harder. Those are also the times that I felt made me who I am today. Those times continue to give me purpose and reflect back on how far I have truly come. This journey will soon come to an end, but it has truly given me a better prospective on life and one up in my career field.

One of the biggest differences between my Master’s Degree journey versus my Bachelors is the time management skills that I had to develop. Going into this program, I was unaware of how truly immature my time management skills were. This journey has definitely tested those immature skills and truly forced me to develop them so that I could complete assignments on time and also ensure that I could do everyday life things that were required of me like work and home chores. Many graduate students have added their student role to a current role structure which may include job, spouse and parental responsibilities, home maintenance and community and church responsibilities. Even though attempts may be made to alter this role structure, often a residue of unfulfilled role expectations remains to contribute to role conflict (Dyk, 1987). Some weeks instead of going out as I would have in undergrad, I had to stay home to do the work to ensure that I could get passing grades and turn assignments in in a timely manner. There was no one really there they I seen two or three times a week. It was up to me to be responsible and get things done.

Accountability was another thing that this program taught me throughout this two year tenure. This has been instilled in me because the only person, I had to count on was me. I knew that if I did not do an assignment it was on me. I knew if I did not give my best on an assignment, it was my fault. Accountability refers to the implicit or explicit expectation that an individual may be called upon to account for his or her actions or inactions (Oussedik, Cline, Su, Masicampo, Kammrath, Ip, & Feldman, 2019). There was no blaming anyone for anything, but self so I has to hold myself accountable to make sure I got my assignments done. This tool I feel is what truly taught me how to count on myself and how to believe and have confidence in myself even when the odds are stacked against me.

This journey has talk me so much discipline rather than in my undergraduate years. Discipline is truly the thing that continue to drive me each and every week. It was the thing that made me write a page for an assignment instead of take the nap. It was the thing that kept me in the house on a Saturday instead of going to visit friends or going to do something fun with my family. Sometimes it was truly the only thing that allowed me to even push through to finish a discussion or quiz after a long day of work.

As I was thinking on this assignment, trying to figure out what to write for this paper, I reflected on my relationship with Christ. On my Bachelor’s Degree journey, I did not gave to reflect on Christ word every week, honestly Christ was the last thing on my mind. I can honestly say I am so glad that I am not that person anymore. Looking back on the journey of when I first started this program versus where I am now, I am an entirely different person. This journey to conquer my Master’s Degree has allowed me to become closer to our Lord and Savior. It has allowed me to understand things in a way that I did not before the program. It has truly turned things around with my relationship with Christ and for that I will forever be thankful and grateful.

In conclusion, this program has tested me. It has caused for some sleepless nights in order to turn assignments in on time. It has given me headaches just thinking about what is next for me. It has made me question myself and why am I doing all that I am doing. But I am so glad to be here to say, I have almost conquered it. I am almost at the last hurdle. I am almost at the finish line. I am thankful for all the test and the lessons that have been learned throughout this journey. I cannot wait to see where I am headed next.


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