I briefly glanced at your paper attached to the original email. Based on my review, it would not meet the proficiency standards. Please review the example paper provided in the resources for assessment 2. Use that as a guide for content and formatting. You are to discuss how you performed some research and include an annotated bibliography. Use the same title and level one headings as in the example paper. Your title page is not in appropriate APA format. In the section "Healthcare Information Access" it seems you are addressing how you found your sources. If that is true, it should be have the level one heading of "Identifying Academic Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles". It looks like you are trying to provide some of the information needed for an annotated bibliography in this section, but it is not correctly formatted and should be under a level one heading of "Annotated Bibliography".  I do not see where you addressed "Assessing Credibility and Relevance of Information Sources" nor "Learnings From the Research" as in the example. These are just