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The integration of Psychology and Christianity

Jacqueline Dickson

Liberty University

Psychology student

Authors note

Jacqueline Dickson, Psychology student, liberty University

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According to my book, Entwistle speaks about how different models shed understanding of God word helps humans can become more stronger if they follow his works. Although I found more information what theology is the study of God and his will and kingdom. Psychology is the study of the human mind and it is designed to function in this world. Christ is the way the truth and light, not some scientific method that is going to heal our thoughts, emotions only the word of God can soothe our soul with his word. After analyzing the ingratiation approaches of Christianity and psychology. He clearly stated the approaches as a subject is normally being avoided because the existence of two methods that are involved cohesive slightly containing different topics; Christianity and psychology. While most remained being reserved or natural about the entire matter others have question nor thought in regards to the concerned subject.


According to the literature Entwistle, openly depicts the two as a fork that is in the road. This saying in most cases it is often used as an epiphany to widely describe when an individual wants to make a major life-changing decision and that the outcome will sometime determine where the journey in life will take a person. He goes further showing how an individual has been great against one another because of the involved two practices ever since the beginning of time frames. Thereafter he goes beyond explaining to incorporate Blamires the alternative rendition of the Tertulian’s point of view. “Blamires aids people to see what they can learn from “sources while they are framing their thinking with Christians all over the world and also apply the knowledge with the concern of Christian. By looking at this great idea he, therefore, entertains the possibility of psychology and theology for it to co-exist in the same area because of the nature of both topics; one is based on the truth and the other is solely on faith.

The introduction of the book majorly had profane the foundation so as it joins the common aspects of theology and psychology too, "commit to Christians all over the world that shapes how psychology is being applied and thereafter studied and also recognizes that there are specific Christian resources that uniquely hence reveals crucial aspects of what it means to be human”. As Entwistle goes on exploring the possibility of adjoining the two practices that he decides that all truth is God’s truth” (Entwistle, 2015). This is the central idea to the position of the Entwistle that psychology and Christianity are to be allied with equal say in the level of truth. As he was exploring this content of truth, he pulls it out from the historical life or worldwide perspective which affects how people comprehend or interact and relate to their experience and the world (Entwistle, 56). Of integrating science, faith and look and the start of the foundational the beginning of both and also how scholars of the time frame view either of the topics. Entwistle closes this particular chapter with one thought that he strongly believed it could be the foundation of why an individual should always incorporate each practice. “The interaction of theology and psychology in considered being virtually inevitable due to their mutual interest in understanding the mysteries and the ambiguity of the human behavior, and also healing human brokenness”. (Entwistle, 2015).

The models

Entwistle also gives some in-depth analysis of the worldwide and history of various belief and culture systems and their nature on how they come to be. As the whole society slowly transitioned from the modern perspective to postmodern point of view, Epistemology set in and also caused a ripple in the logical empiricism and reasoning of the world. Entwistle had quest to acquire virtue that he reminds the reader that, “individual is limited by the prone and finitude to errors, one of the most considered important virtue is that people always need to cultivate is humility”, If people fail to exercise the value of humility that they run, the risk of being quite sure of themselves; and quite wrong. When this is said, he goes on providing insights that he clearly knows that as a human race people cannot do it on their own and therefore, “individual might want to think of Christian psychology and theology as instruments in an orchestra”. (P 131) people can use what they need so as they remain in balance and be in tune with their peers and their loved ones. Furthermore, Entwistle also introduces five models of working; the required five models of integration are:

a) Enemies

b) Spies

c) Colonialists

d) Neutral parties

e) Allies

The involved six models always represent various ways of conceptualizing the entire relationship between religion and psychology in general, or Christianity and psychology in particular. Methods has a way of studying the environment, of shaping and finding accuracy. While looking at the connection linking through theology and psychology usually means the knowledge of the sacred mind and behavior of a psychological aspect. If I had a facility I would approach my client with biblical scripture in order to help the person to know Gods work and love he has for them. There are ways to connect with people using scriptures to coping in everyday living. Psychology has the way of using the worldview system for non-believers like medication to help a person to cope with thoughts and emotion. Learning the allies models are great to use in psychology and Christianity while working in the field.


Based on the chapter that concludes the Entwistle book, it reveals his model of choice and also widely explains in greater depth why he chose it. He explains his whole preferences and their after introduces the two books of God’s truth, to which they are God’s word (scripture) and God’s Work (creation), which fatherly and clearly explain his whole reasoning and also why he come to choose the allies model. In most of the cases he always seemed to take a firm belief in that in this real life, people are limited in their assumptions and opinions but with God’s word and the book of his work, they will help people along the way.


Entwistle, D. N. (2015). Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration. (3rd ed.). Eugene, OR: