Media portrayer of Adolescents


PSY-357 – Lifespan Development

Topic 5 – CLC-Media Portrayal of Adolescence

Directions: This is a CLC assignment. Each member of the group will watch a television show in which an adolescent(s) is a main character of the show. Watch at least three episodes of a season. After watching the episodes, answer the following questions to guide you in your CLC discussion.

Remember to share which show you will be watching so your colleagues do not watch the same show.

1. List the name of program watched and the year(s) each originally aired.

2. Describe how adolescents were characterized in the program.

3. Were the characterizations positive or negative? Explain.

4. Did the characterizations represent stereotypes we have for adolescents?

5. Would these adolescents be positive role models for younger children?

6. Are the issues of adolescence accurately portrayed?

7. If you watched a show that originally aired in different years, did you notice a difference in the portrayal of adolescence? Explain the differences you saw.