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Team 2 Project Proposal

Team 2 Project Proposal


Tim Jensen,

Daniesha Larkins & Shadi Atiya

22 July 2019

John Sessions

Our project assignment for week two was to select an idea for our team project that would benefit an employer. Our team was responsible for creating a project summary proposal that included describing the project, identifying stakeholders, benefits, use, resourcing, steps within project management, sponsorship and leadership.

Project Description /Kitchen Remodeling Business

As a starting new business all we can hope for is to grow, increase our sales and customer base, and finally our revenue. For us to grow, increase sales and our customer base, we need to ask what they are looking for and what is new in the remodeling business and give our customers what they want. To increase our revenue, we need to do our job to the best we can with the most professional work that we can do.

Stakeholders and their benefit from the project

Our stakeholders will be our customers. What we hope that our customers gain is a newly designed up to date kitchen that they can be proud to serve family and friends for a long time.

Resource Requirements

This section is where we put our project together. We need to determine how many laborers will be needed for the project, what, if any special equipment will be needed and how much of each item will be needed. Next we will need to know our space that we will have to assemble equipment or use as storing our equipment. Finally, we determine our cost of the entire project, how long it will take and what digital layouts will be needed to check our progress and vision of the layout.

Project team and leadership

Project manager and team member must work together in order to complete the job, Therefore identifying the necessary step to assemble, develop and manage the project should be mandatory. First step of forming the kitchen will be the project scope in this phase we gather input from important constituents and also get approval, permits and funding to constrain funds to the project. Furthermore scoping the problem, obtaining knowledge, finding solutions and identifying expected benefits is critical to the success of gaining approval to continue the project.

Once approvals are done the next step will be to establishing a team, finding the right members will increase the possibility of a successful project. Educating the team members will dramatically reduce confusion also increase the ability to concisely describe the reason for pursuing the project, Schibi, O. & Lee, C. (2015). Evidently describing goals is a serious early step toward getting the project approved, and then accomplishing the desired results. Next reviewing and defining the benefit you want to link the problems and goals identified in the previous step to the specific, this also helps when building a business case. Detailed information about how the project will improve the organization will be used to build a business case and estimated ROI for the project, Schibi, O. & Lee, C. (2015).

Once you build the business case the sponsor approval is needed. Project sponsors are usually responsible for initiating, confirming, approving, and establishing a series of key aspects in relation to the project, which can be summed up under categories of vision, governance, and value/benefits realization. Note that the categories are not mutually exclusive and most of the items can appear under more than one category, Cobb, A.T. (2012).

Identifying Roles and Responsibilities

Being able to identify the leaders of the project and what the roles and responsibilities of them will be will give accountability to each respective team member. Making sure there is adequate training and effective ways to manage the project when it comes to time management and the overall budget of the project can lead to more jobs being able to be completed and better profits from efficient performance.

Importance of Leadership

Importance of strong leadership will give the project the chance of being a successful project. Poor leadership will bring poor results and will set the wrong example for fellow team members who are expected to be productive.


In conclusion, our project assignment for week two, we selected kitchen remodeling for our team project that would benefit an employer. Our team was responsible for creating a project summary proposal that included and described the project. Proposal identified stakeholders, benefits, use, resourcing, and steps within project management, sponsorship and leadership. Lastly the importance of


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