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My topic selection for the health promotion paper is restricting nurse practitioners in Florida to prescribe opioids medication. Opioids are a known class of drugs such as codeine, oxycodone, morphine, illegal heroin, and fentanyl.

Florida Governor, Rick Scott, signed into law a bill limiting the prescription of opioids in a bid to combat the national opioid epidemic in Florida. This primary emphasis of this topic is restrictions of opioids prescriptions by nurse practitioners in Florida (Florida Nurses Association, 2019). Florida is one of the states with strict restrictions on nurse practitioners. For instance, nurses are not allowed to practice independently. They are required to practice under supervision of patients


This topic and legislation affect a wide range of population in Florida. Opioids are usually given to patients after they undergo surgery, accidental and treatment of chronic diseases. However, the concerned patients in this topic is patients with chronic diseases such as arthritis (Florida Nurses Association, 2019). To relieve pain, patients are given opioids medication.

The emphasis of this topic is trying to change restrictions on prescription of opioids as well as other controlled substances in Florida by nurse practitioners. I specifically focus on medical outpatient clinics in Miami Dade County that provide emergency, minor surgeries, treatment of chronic diseases and other procedural interventions that needs use of opioids to relieve pain (Florida Nurses Association, 2019). Changing the current legislation will save patients from taking a lot of time to access pain relievers.


If Florida legislature goes ahead to lift restrictive late on how nurse practitioners practice and more specifically prescription of opioids and other medical controlled substances, nurse practitioners in Florida will be able to practice independently with minimal or no supervision (Florida Nurses Association, 2019). Nurse practitioners will be in a position to utilize the knowledge they have in nursing practice and implement it into use. This will have an increased access to healthcare services and enable nurse practitioners to establish their outpatient clinics for more care services.