Process Recordings



Client information and presenting issue: Sally Mae is an African American 26-year-old gay female who has been homeless for the past 6 months. Most of that time has been spent couch surfing between the homes of friends. She has a history of substance abuse, battery, assault, and juvenile justice as a teen and is currently on probation stemming from an altercation with her mother. Sally Mae's mother and step-father highly disapprove of her “lifestyle” and refuse to let her remain at home due to it. In an effort to get Sally Mae off the streets her probation officer, Mike, suggested she join a program that she recently heard about, Turning Point.

Any relevant information about setting and demographics: An interview with Sally Mae was arranged between myself, Laura, and Mike. The agreed upon location was a at Coastal Harbor Behavior Health conference room which the inpatient facility client was recently admitted to in an attempt of overdose. When Mike arrived, I escorted him into the conference room where Sally Mae and Laura were seated. We promptly stood up as we greeted Mike and Laura. The following conversation picks up after the initial greetings had taken place and the interview/assessment had started.


Identify skills, techniques and theories,

Analysis/assessment of dialogue

Personal reactions and self-reflection to the interaction

Mike: Sally Mae, we aren't sure what you know about Turning Point. Can you share what you know, if anything at all.

Sally Mae: The most that I know is this place you name is a home for homeless gay kids like me. That’s it.

Mike: Yes, they do provide a safe place for gay individuals, and for the rest of the LGBTQ community. Along the way we will work with you to establish and meet goals that are important to you. There are of course rules that must be followed.