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1. Background

International trade defines as the set of transactions that take place between different countries. This is best explained in terms of economy and the overall needs of a country. One country's need is another country's profit, and the export from one country becomes import to another country. The central idea for international trade is to provide the country with the best commodities. This could either lead a country’s surplus of commodities or recession.

2. Type

Credit risk

Product and production risk

Country risk

Currency risk

Financial risk

3. Contract risk in international trade

The risks in international trade highlight the risk of barriers, which have an effect on the growth of a nation in long/ short term. International trade may become costlier and affect the trade, and it is possible due to the tariffs and the import charges, etc. but nonetheless the risk is seem to be inevitable. The contract risk is a risk at the buyer’s end and however seeks to have the buyer to have intact all the mandatory details.

4. Management before the contract risk

The buy that purchases the items from any country, in other words, the host country which imports the products has to make sure all the possible deals and the contracts are intact with everyone. It must include the quantity of the goods imported; go through a thorough inspection of the goods, overall cost and value of the goods imported, the taxes and duties imposed on the goods, the terms of payments.

5. Steps to reduce legal risk disputes

The following risks may be associated with those of the trade made internationally;

The party/ country which seeks to import should take its time to get to know the host country that it may seek to trade from. This reduces the window for fraud and gives a trustworthy aspect of the party and a thriving trade option. Another one is to start slow and make a small trade initially. It is necessary for the first time so the depth of import may be analysed and that further imports are easy to handle. Furthermore the contracts made, should secure and hold proper procedures which ensures any breach of contract could lead to a source to negotiation between parties or another useful method is that of arbitration.