Philosophy of Religion (PHL 311)

Position Paper: Topics in Philosophy of Religion


Your final paper will examine a topic in philosophy of religion in more depth. The paper should consist of two

parts, though headings are unnecessary. The first section should provide a survey of the topic in question,

summarizing the central issues, primary positions and key figures. The second section should articulate your

own view and reasons for it. That is, with whom do you agree and why? This section should then consider

actual or possible counterarguments, and should advance thoughtful and reasoned responses to those



Papers should be approximately 4–6 pages long, and should make use of at least 3 outside sources. These

sources should be academically rigorous, drawn from peer-reviewed sources. They should include a

bibliography/works cited page. You may use your preferred citation format. Papers should use a standard font

and margins, be double-spaced, and are due on Isidore Wednesday, 12 December by 5pm.

Due Dates

There will be an articulated paper-writing process, consisting of the following steps:

● Provisional topic: Wednesday, 3 April by class time ● Annotated bibliography: Friday, 12 April by class time ● Outline: Friday, 26 April by class time ● Final paper: Friday, 10 May by 12pm

Potential Journals

American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Ars Disputandi (free articles)

Bijdragen: International Journal in Philosophy and


Christian Bioethics

European Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Faith and Philosophy

Heythrop Journal

International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Journal of Religious Ethics

New Blackfriars


Philosophia Christi

Philosophia Reformata

Radical Orthodoxy: Theology, Philosophy, Politics

Religious Studies


Other Sources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (library)

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A Companion to Philosophy of Religion​ (Blackwell) The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion