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Week 4 Discussion

Select a qualitative question you are interested in investigating. Discuss the basics of qualitative research: what are the characteristics, what is included, what are the 4 designs of the qualitative type research, which type would be appropriate for your qualitative research question and why?

Peer post:

From Emily:

In qualitative research, there are four types of designs: phenomenology research, ethnography,

historical, and grounded theory. Phenomenology research is used to identify experiences that

people have and focuses on the phenomena of their experience. This research method uses real

life experiences in through interviews to obtain the data (Schmidt & Brown,2019).


Ethnographic studies are used to describe, analyze, and interpret different culture characteristics.

This type of study is used when researchers want to study a culture to analyze their lives and

aspects of living. Grounded theory aims to develop new theories based on a phenomenon. This

study utilizes its theories by collecting and analyzing different data on the phenomenon.

Historical focuses on describing and examining past events to determine how these events have

influenced present times and anticipate future effects. Based on the four designs, qualitative

researchers must be non-bias throughout their studies in order for them to get accurate results

The qualitative question that I am researching is, "For adult patients in a Critical Care Unit, does care by nurses with an alarm management program compared to care by nurses who do not have an alarm management program influence the patient satisfaction scores over six months?


Based on my question, I believe that utilizing phenomenological research would be

the best way for me to collect data. By using phenomenological research, I can interview nurses

and do research about the effects that nurses go through. For example. I can ask nurses

about how alarm fatigue affects their ability to care for patients, how the constant noise affects a patient’s ability to relax, and how nurses are affected by the noise on the floor.