URGENT!! DUE IN 3 HOURS!! Technical Style Edit and Justification Memo


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To: Acme Co Chitchatters

From: Donna Sewell, Supervisor

Date: September 15, 20XX

Subject: Office Chitchats and Miscellaneous


Pursuant to my recent memo, I must insist that the telephonic communication for personal problems be reduced immediately.

I know you gals have to take calls from your kids when they are out of control, but the general conversations about everyone's surgical operations needs to cease. There seems to have developed a general problem with attending to our work tasks on a regular and timely basis. I provide the coffee, but that doesn't mean I'm encouraging a general milling around the coffeemaker for 20 minutes every morning.

In short, it is acknowledged that a certain amount of verbal exchange is typical for every office and is useful for maintaining a relaxed atmosphere in the office surroundings, but it can all interfere with normal working schedules and inhibit the accomplishment of the work we are gathered to perform.