Module 04 Project - Rough Draft


Running head: OUTLINE


I. Introduction

· The research will be a study of how technology has been used in improving medical care in psychiatry. This section entails the history of technology in healthcare in particular psychiatry section.

· Thesis- there has been a great concern on how technology impacts medical care in psychiatry. Therefore, there is a great need to determine how technology has improved the quality of care delivery.

II. Background of the study- This part shows an overview of how technology has improved medical care in psychiatry and how it has helped in improving medical care. Basically, this section will provide the study with a clear focus.

· The significance of the study- This section will outline why studying the impact of technology on medical care in psychiatry is beneficial. It will also outline the benefit of the research to the readers.

III. Finding/results- This study will be guided by the following research questions:

1) How has technology facilitated research in psychiatry with the intention of improving medical care?

2) How has technological developments and improvement changed the way psychiatrists deliver medical care to patients?

Sources such as interviews will be used in presenting arguments about the study. Systematic data analysis will be used. This will help in developing strong results using methodological criteria.

· Presentation and analysis of data- In this section, an evaluation of the findings will be presented. Primary and secondary information will be used in the examination of the findings.

IV. Conclusion

· Concluding statement- This section will provide a summary of the findings from the data presented. Additionally, it will provide a forecast on how technology will improve medical care in psychiatry in the future.

· Recommendation- in this section, recommendations will be provided which will be based on the findings of the results. An individual opinion may be provided.


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