1. When I search for healthcare information, I usually like to search for my information online as I feel like it’s quick and efficient. When I search online,  I usually use the dynamic berry picking method because I feel like getting more information from multiple sources is better than one. I am able to gain more knowledge and insight about my medical situation this way. 

2. I feel like I can tell my information is valid. I am very careful about the websites I go on and try to use credible sites like WebMD, Mayo Clinic, etc. I also look at who posted it and what title they possess as well as the date the information was posted. 

3. When I feel uncertain about health information, I feel like I keep my strategies the same. I still use the berry picking method and go from site to site until I am satisfied about the information received.

Suzy replied to Avelina

Hello, Avelina.

I use the same method to start the information seeking process like you do, but I change my method to seeing a healthcare professional if there is something that I'm not sure of. I think online searching would be probably most people's first step to seeking information!   


1. When you search for healthcare information, what strategies do you use?

The strategies that I use to search for healthcare information are utilizing online and then meet a healthcare professional to get more detailed information which could be more reliable than online.  

2. Can you tell if the information is accurate or valid?

When I use an information seeking from online, it sometimes gives a different opinion then I decide that that information might not be accurate.  

3. When feeling uncertain about healthcare search results, do your search strategies or tactics change?

Yes, I changed to seeing a healthcare professional because I think that it’s better to see a healthcare professional would eventually cost less.  

Avelina replied to Suzy

Hi Noolee,

It’s good to see that when you are not feeling confident about health information online, you directly go see a person who is credible such as a doctor, physician, etc. I think that’s one of the many good ways to get information since you are talking to someone who may specialize in what you are looking for.