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Unit III Assignment

Justin Erby


BBA 3451-17M-6A21-S1

Organizational Theory and Behavior

Unit III Assignment 2


In exchange for money, businesses offer the products and services that they have created

for their targeted customers. Thus, it through the products and services that are offered by

businesses that they can make profits and collect the revenues that their business operations

generate for their business. Thus, the creation of new products and services guarantees a brighter

future for a business organization. In a nonprofessional’s language, creation of new products and

services by business owners can be said to be the lifeblood of that business organization (Info

entrepreneurs, 2009). Thus, investing in the creation of new products and services is a crucial

element for every business that is operating.

Ailcyons is a profit organization that has various products and services. The company has

majored in the creation of portable gadgets that can be used to play music at any place. These

gadgets have been created in such a way that they offer the best sound quality that can make an

individual feel the grove of the music that he or she listening to and still listen to the lyrics that are

being sung by the musician. The company also offers music licensing services to musicians and

also helps content creators to sell their creativity through the online platform. Thus, the company

gets a cut for all the royalties that are accumulated by musicians and content creators. So that the

company can maintain its sustainability in the business world and have a guaranteed future in

business, we have decided to create an audio gadget that does not external memory to play music.

New Product SMART Goal Analysis

Unit III Assignment 3

Goals such as the new product that is being proposed for the business need to be specific so

that they can be accomplished with success (Corporate Finance Institute, 2020). To be specific, the

people within the organization that are involved in this product’s creation are the organization’s

technicians, the project management team, the management, and the company’s stakeholders.

After the product has been designed and made ready for the market, the majority of the task will be

left to the marketing and sales departments of the company. The company’s technicians need to

identify the necessary resources that are needed to make the product a success. This product will be

available for the market and can be bought by consumers of any age.

There are various ways that the organization will be able to measure its success on this

product’s design and lifespan. The progress will be measured by analyzing what will have been

designed by the team and the first samples that will be tested. After doing this the company’s

shareholders will determine the investment that they will make for the product in terms of cost.

The price of the product can then be determined after calculating the profits that will be

accumulated on a certain number of sales. The creation of this product is achievable. It is

achievable because the product is not complicated to create given that many smartphone

developers are creating devices with inbuilt memories. Thus, we need our experts to synchronize

this technology into the creation of smart audio devices.

Goals that are designed “must be realistic in that the goal can be realistically achieved

given the available resources and time (Corporate Finance Institute, 2020).” This business goal is

achievable given that the business creates and sells portable audio devices. Thus, we only need to

integrate the inbuilt memory technology into what we are doing. The time that will be taken by the

company to realize and achieve this goal depends on the time that will be taken by the technical

Unit III Assignment 4

team to determine the resources and technology that the needs. After this has been done, we can

then come up with a plan of how we can initiate the product. We need to allocate the technical

team 1 month of researching how we can do this. We will then take 2 months to develop and test

the new product. After we are certain about its effectiveness, we will make it available to the


Unit III Assignment 5


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