I need a discussion done for week 5 and response to 2 other classmates for my JWI 575: New Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship




Marketing Homework

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Marketing Homework

Value Proposition

My organization provides three primary value propositions: advancement, risk mitigation, and brand/status. A key component of its culture, the organization values innovation. More than half of its staff are involved in research and innovation. It also owns patents for online shopping, instant messaging, search engines, online transactions, gaming, and cybersecurity. In addition, the program is involved in the development of essential Internet technologies for the objectives of innovation.

The organization uses high protection and safety standards to reduce danger. The company employs the following measures to safeguard intellectual property on its platform network: Through user agreements, notices, and announcements, visitors are reminded to respect intellectual property. Operates a computerized monitoring and automated IP protection system that continuously monitors for infringement, investigates and acquires evidence of a breach, serves takedown notices, and generates infringement reports. Collaborates with law firms to identify, gather, and verify information of violation on all significant Internet and mobile technologies. Collaboration with other Internet firms, media groups, and IP rights holders to pool resources in the battle against infringement. It maintains a committed team of intellectual property enforcement attorneys, Enforces intellectual property rights through administrative proceedings, civil lawsuits, commercial arrangements, and criminal prosecution. Finally, as a result of its success, the company has developed a strong brand.

Customer Relationships

My company's customer relationships are primarily self-service. Customers access its offerings through its channels, with little interaction with workers. There is a personal assistance aspect available in telephone and e-mail service (Business Model: Key resources, 2016).

Revenue Stream

My company earns essential revenues through three types of money: revenue from value-added services, income from digital advertising services, and income from several other services.

Response 1

Hello class,

An entrepreneur is considered somebody who establishes or organizes a firm and remains an active member in its functioning. I agree with the post that the key resources required by any entrepreneur may be split into four classifications: physical, intellectual, monetary, and human resources. Physical resources are tangible items that can be touched and felt, as well as technology. For example, the following items are used for value proposition: a laptop, a phone, an internet connection, a video camera, and a video course hosting site.

The client and prospective customer information is an intellectual resource that is one of the company's most important assets. I cultivate relationships and provide members with free value in the shape of reading materials, fast video training, or opportunity to connect and showcase their businesses. By communication, dispersion, and sales, revenue streams deliver the value offered to customers. This area's personnel resources are the same as those for Customer Relationships.

Response 2

Hello class,

An intrapreneur is a company employee who is charged with developing a new idea and has access to the firm's assets to do so. I agree with the post that to fund a significant idea or concept. A leader must have a solid business case that incorporates precise timing and alignment with priorities. Intrapreneurs only receive money if they can persuade the management team that their idea is worth investing in.

The resources needed depend on the program's characteristics and may necessitate more workforce, outsourced skills, equipment, technology, and so on. For example, a company's key resources for Customer Relationships necessitate "customer care" personnel for most of our activities (Black et al., 2019). 

I agree that the revenue streams necessitate marketing collateral, human resources to facilitate processes for each group, and tools and digital capabilities to stay involved, track metrics and manage website presence.


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