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My topics for this discussion will lean on the immigration and the plight of immigrants. This is a subject that will bring a good platform to form an informative as well as persuasive speech. I will specifically address the value of policy making in the management of immigration trends that are increasing in the USA as well as western countries (Zatz, & Rodriguez, 2015). The topic will be “Do illegal immigrants deserve a hearing in the countries they seek asylum or they should just be deported impartially?” I think this is a contentious issue in the world today.

There are many policies that have been established by various international organizations such as UN in regard to Immigration. The underlying issues in this matter still remain dormant and unresolved. The fundamental question of concern is addressing the parties that should be concerned with this matter. I will be addressing the international community as my audience, particularly the UN, countries. The speech will also include recommendations that will be suggested for handling of the matter. It will also give a discourse of the current situation in different parts of the world such as USA and Europe. This will paint a picture of the dire need of the situation and the dangers that immigrants are facing every day. It will also address the plight of illegal immigrants who I will argue that they deserve humanly just and fair treatment whenever they are met by the hand of the law. The speech is intended to bring an evaluation of the essence of humanity in considering one another and building bridges that alleviate instead of perpetuating human suffering in the world.


Zatz, M. S., & Rodriguez, N. (2015). Dreams and nightmares: Immigration policy, youth, and families. University of California Press.