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HRMD 620

Week 9 Assignment


Answer Sheet

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Critical: For the details of the scenario and the particulars of the instructions, be sure to see the exam itself. Write on this Answer Sheet. The spacing will adjust as you write. Please use BLACK font for your answer.

Write concisely, limiting the answer to each to a maximum of one-half page. Use the specific statutory provisions, terms and concepts covered in this course to support your analysis. Use APA to reference any borrowed material.

1. If we do strike, I heard the company can hire new people to do our work. Will I lose my job?


2. I have a family and bills to pay. I heard there is a strike fund. Where does that money come from?


3. Bill looks to you for guidance. In a short paragraph, explain whether this is a good strategy. Under what provision would that be done? What is the likelihood that the union would win a case about the company’s bargaining conduct? Why?


4. Paula has explained strikes to the VPF before but realizes that it can be hard to remember which ones are legal and which are not. Briefly explain again whether this particular strike is legal and why.


5. Briefly answer the VPF’s concern.


#6 –9 - After preliminary investigation, the Grievance Chairperson finds that the information about the termination dates each man gave seems accurate. Use the information gathered in the meetings, the contract provisions, and the record of dues as well as specific statutory provisions, terms and concepts covered in this course, to identify which, if any, of them is entitled to retain employment and whether the union is legally obligated to represent him in a grievance to restore his job. The chart should help you organize the information you need. For your answer, briefly state and explain the response you would give to each of them. The chart is just to help you organize your thinking.

Write concisely, limiting the total answer for all 4 to a maximum of one page. Use APA to reference any borrowed material.

Was he illegally terminated?


Legally, must the union represent him?











10. In the meantime, Paul Hawkman has come to see the HR Director about the matter. He hands over the paperwork for her termination. By addressing Hawkman and the GC separately, explain how the Director should handle this case and why. Write concisely and limit your response to a maximum of 1 page for both.

a. Hawkman

b. GC