Practicum Experience Journal


Practicum Experience Journal and

Time Log Entries Rubric

By Tomorrow 2/9/19 2 pm, write a minimum of 550 words essay in APA format with a minimum of 3 scholarly references. Include the level 1 headers as numbered below:

1) Describe the observed activity (See attached file in file section)

2) Using an evidence-based approach, analyze the problem, issue, or situation. Address questions posed in the weekly practicum pages if appropriate.

3) Reveal how the real-world might mirror or diverge from program-related evidence, concepts, and/or theories. 

Observed Activities

Week 8 I first met up with my preceptor for a couple of hours to discuss and prepare for the various meetings of the day as well as preparing the agenda related to the Nursing Informatics department that we will present at these meetings. We attended and participated in a super-user clinical documentation meeting. In the afternoon we also participated in the planning of a Substance Use Screening and Brief Interventions meeting for the Labor and Delivery/Postpartum units.

Week 9 I participated in patients' chart audits with my preceptor to track the inpatient nurses that are not correlating a standardized care plan to the patients' diagnosis or primary problem(s) upon admission.

Week 10 My preceptor and I continued to audit the patients' chart to track down nurses who are not adding a standardized care plan to the patients' diagnoses or primary problem(s). We also discussed the best approach to remedy the situation by building an educational tool for the nurses in order to hold them accountable for not doing it.