Journal Club assignment




In preparation for your participation in the journal club meeting, please read the assigned article and make some notes to address each of the following questions.


Question Notes

What is the purpose of the research study? What is the research question(s) the author(s) is (are) trying to answer?

The purpose is to evaluate the efficacy of the Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale – Inpatient across diverse populations.

Is the literature review comprehensive and current?

The literature review is comprehensive and current within the last 6 years. There are several earlier articles that were needed to set the foundation of research

What is the study design? What are the independent and dependent variables?

A retrospective, cross-sectional design was used to evaluate the efficacy of the HPFS in 16 institutions, over 6 years.

Did the researchers obtain IRB approval for the study?

How did the researchers obtain the sample for the study?

What instruments/ tools did the researchers use to collect data? Is the data collected consistent with the research question(s)?

How did the researchers analyze the data? Were the methods appropriate to answer the research question(s)?

Are the findings, discussion, and conclusions of the study supported by the data presented in the article?

What are the limitations of the study?

Do the findings and conclusions of the study support your current care policies and procedures in your facility? Describe how.

How strong is the study’s level of evidence? (USE LEVELS FROM DANG & DEARHOLT TEXT P278-9)

Evaluate the Humpty Dumpty Fall Scale – Inpatient (HDFS)

Adapted from oncology nursing society journal club tool kit. MAJ 1/2021