Discuss several risk factors that may impact health outcomes for the vulnerable population in your case study.


Chamberlain College of Nursing NR443/435/436: Week 3 Case Study

Week 3 Case Study: Child Abuse

This case study provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in the role of a community health nurse and examine primary, secondary, or tertiary prevention strategies related to a population health problem. As you work through the case, reflect on what you have learned from this course about community health nursing, and apply it to this scenario.

Your Role

You are working as a community health nurse in your local health department. One of your roles with the health department is to case manage pregnant women who are on Medicaid. You continue to work with an interdisciplinary team both within and outside the agency.

Team Members

· Anne, a fellow nurse with the health department, is on medical leave, so you have been assigned this case.

· Christina is a social worker with the health department.

· Tracey is a case worker from Child Protection Services.

· Mark is a dietician with the local WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) office.

The Case

You are assigned to a new case. Marissa is 15 years old and is pregnant with her first child. Marissa lives with her mom and her five siblings in a two-bedroom apartment. You arrive to your first visit, and a young boy, Marissa’s brother, who is about 5 years old answers the door. He lets you in to find Marissa sleeping on the couch. There is also another couch where her 10-year-old sister is sleeping. Even though the apartment is dark and everyone seems to be sleeping, you decide to continue with the visit as Marissa wakes up and is willing to participate.

As you are getting to know her, more of the family wakes up, and you can now hear whom you assume is her mother yelling at one of her siblings. You continue talking to Marissa, but her mother is getting louder and all of a sudden you hear three smacking or hitting noises. They are in a back bedroom, so you do not see anything, but you hear a child crying and her mother telling the child to “shut up” or he will get “more.” Marissa tells you her siblings range from 3 to 12 years old.

As you leave the visit, you know that Marissa, as well as her mother, need additional support and education regarding parenting and proper forms of discipline. As a nurse, you know you are a mandated reporter, so you go back to your office and research child abuse and Child Protective Services (CPS). You decide to talk with your team about what just happened, too. Your team agrees that Tracey, from CPS, needs to be notified.

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