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Chamberlain College of Nursing NR361

Course Project Milestone 2 Template

Directions: Prior to completing this template, carefully review Course Project Milestone 2 Guidelines paying particular attention to how to name the document and all rubric requirements. After saving the document to your computer, type your answers directly on this template and save again. This assignment is due by Sunday end of Week 4 by 11:59 p.m. Mountain Time.

Name: __________________________

Assignment Criteria

NOTE: See Milestone 2 Rubric for details required in each area.

Define: Approved Patient Scenario from Milestone 1:

Brief statement of the patient scenario from the Milestone 1 assignment. Include revisions, if required by Milestone 1 faculty feedback.

30 points

Teach: Identify (3) teaching areas to improve patient outcomes. Information to be taught to patient should include information about the mHealth app, safety guidelines, and how to interpret and act on the information that is provided. (Cite when appropriate). Remember to use bullet points.

75 points

1. Information about the mHealth application:

2. Safety guidelines for mHealth application:

3. How to interpret and act on the information in the mHealth application:

Evaluate (3):

Describe 3 ways you would determine and evaluate the success of the patient’s use of the mHealth app. (Cite when appropriate). Remember to use bullet points.

75 points

Evaluation #1:

Evaluation #2

Evaluation #3:

Citations and References:

Should include:

In this assignment, please include citations in APA format. Remember to cite information that isn’t your information.

Section 1: mHealth application in APA format.

Section 2:

A scholarly peer-reviewed journal article related to the patient scenario. This is in APA format. This scholarly journal article needs to be within the last five years.

30 points

1. mHealth application APA reference:

2. Scholarly journal APA reference:

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