Medical knowledge needed to complete this


1.CPT code 29876 stands for a major synovectomy that is carried out in median and lateral compartments of the knee.When code 29876 is reported,it is alright if another procedure is carried out performed in the same compartment.The only thing is another code is used.As given in question we can used code 29880 that stands for meniscectomy in medial and lateral compartments.So,we can say that if a physician hasperformed both synovectomy and meniscectomy in the same lateral and median compartments of knee, we can report that by the two codes together.

2.For each of the arthroscopy done, which part of body .joint has undergone the surgery has be first looked at.The conditions in the joint has to be looked for.Which compartment of the joint has to undergo surgery is to be looked for.Which type of surgery is to be done i.e synovectomy or meniscectomy has to be seen.