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Grand Canyon University

January 14, 2018

Picot Question

In neonates in a level III -IV NICU (population), healthy term newborns receiving SSC (intervention) compared to healthy newborns in a radiant warmer (comparison) more beneficial in stabilization and promotion of overall well-being of the newborn (outcome) within the first month of them being born.

(P) Population: Healthy newborns (ranging 1- 4 weeks born) receiving SSC compared to healthy newborns in a radiant warmer. Patients other than healthy newborns will be excluded.

(I) Intervention: Subjects randomized group one will be healthy newborn with some complications such as jaundice, and or respiratory distress. Will be placed on the radiant warmer as indicated all day. Will be taken out only for feedings or when visited. Subjects randomized group two will be healthy newborn with some complications such as jaundice and or respiratory distress such as group one. However, group two will be put skin to skin with alternating parents for a total of or about 16 hours a day for 7 days a week.

(C) Comparison: A standardized supervised regimen would be used on both groups. For a total of 6 weeks. Using this strategy, we will be able to identify what group receives a better outcome.

(O) Outcome: The group with better results will identify what regimen is better a radiant warmer or SSC for healthy newborns with similar conditions such as jaundice and or respiratory distress.

(T) Time The outcome will be measured weekly for 6 weeks.


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