Concept Synthesis Paper on Personal Nursing Philosophy




My Nursing Autobiography

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Nursing is a profession that has helped extend my helping hands to those in need of it. I started my career as a registered nurse four years back and I am currently working at a rehabilitation center situated at Miami, Florida. In the four years of practice in nursing, I have consistently applied the five principles of Swanson theory of caring so that I offer quality caring to the patients I attend to through deep listening and adequate care giving to fasten their healing process (TK, & Chandran, 2017).

At first, I experienced lots of challenges when patients in rehabilitation and hospitals sometimes refused to take their medications, exercises and meals. However, as time went by I learnt to be patient enough to encourage their patients to take them since I believe that one of the traits of nurses is patience. Knowing what had occurred in their lives helped me to invest my presence emotionally to them by listening to what they wanted to say whenever they needed someone to talk to about what they were going through. As a nurse, I believe that it is my obligation to do for my patients what they could not do for themselves. For instance, if a patient was unable to determine his/her dosage, I would clarify for them and give them the right amount. In the course of the four years of practice, I have learnt that a nurse plays a big role in facilitating the transition of a patient from living a life influenced by drugs or tormented by sicknesses to that which is normal. Despite how impossible any potential patient felt that it was to change, I had to always encourage them to have the belief that they could overcome their conditions and have normal lives again (Maxton, 2018). This process really played a big role in ensuring that my patients healed faster than expected. After working with healthcare and rehabilitation centers, I have grown more passionate to grow my career through further education so as to offer better and safe healthcare services to my patients. I also intend to become a ARNP afterwards.

From my four-year experience, I can establish my own metatheories of nursing and say that the speed of recovery of patients is dependent on how effective the care the nurse in charge gives to them is. A patient who is constantly being encouraged to press on so as to get well by taking medications on time, talking friendly to them and boosting their belief to heal is likely to heal faster than a patient who is just given medications. Additionally, we can depict that the general healthcare environment of the healthcare promotes improved health of the patients. A patient who is served by a caring nurse who listens, encourages, gives hope, helps them get well through feeding them and generally strengthens their belief of healing is likely to heal faster by responding quickly to treatment (In De, 2015).


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