Beethoven 9 - Chicago Symphony Orchestra


MUSC 2101 Concert Reviews

1. Overview a. List all musicians who performed (if it is a group, you do not have to list

individual musicians). Please remember to list all performers, not just the


b. Where did the concert take place?

c. When did the concert take place?

d. Why did this concert take place? Was it part of a tour? Was it for educational

purposes? Was it a part of a larger concert season? etc…

2. Elements of Music a. List any/all instruments being played during this concert (including voice)

b. What type of music was being performed?

c. What kind of ensemble was on stage? Solo? Duet? Trio? Quartet? Etc…

d. Describe the music being performed using terminology we have discussed in


3. Your opinion of the concert a. What piece(s) did you like? Why?

b. What piece(s) did you not you like? Why?

c. Would you go again? Why/Why not?