Discussion 1: Data and Collaboration for Social Change

In preparing for the Module 2 Discussion 2, you learned that news of the changes in Grand City has been spreading throughout the state and garnering interest among leaders in many of the surrounding communities. You created a motivational video to encourage others to become agents of educational change and integrate data-informed decision making into their processes.

For this Discussion, you will further expand on the importance of data and collaboration for educational and community change. You will also explore leadership strategies for positive social change in your field.

To prepare:

· Review the motivational video you created for the Module 2 Assignment. Consider the Learning Resources from this course thus far on educational change and leadership, data-driven decision making, and collaboration for social change. How might you use those resources and those you found on your own to support the points you make in your video?

· Review the Fullan (2016) chapters in this module’s Learning Resources and think about the various stakeholders invested in educational change. How might you work (or continue to work) to create positive social change in your current or future role? Research evidence-based leadership strategies to support you in this work.

· Review the information regarding how to decrease the size of a video file and upload a video to a Discussion Forum in the Kaltura Media Uploader link under Course Home.

By Day 3 of Week 5

Upload your Module 2 Assignment motivational video and transcript to the Module 3 Discussion 1 Forum.

Post the following:

· A rationale for your points regarding the importance of being an educational agent of change and why you believe collecting and interpreting data is essential to the role of educational leader of change. Be sure to support your rationale with reference to research.

· A rationale for your points regarding the importance of collaboration among cross-specialization groups working to make change and why data-informed decision is essential for a collaborative group to initiate and implement plans for educational and community change. Be sure to support your rationale with reference to research.

· An explanation of at least two evidence-based leadership strategies you would employ to create positive social change in your field.

For this Discussion, and all scholarly writing in this course and throughout your program, you will be required to use APA style and provide reference citations.

By Day 7 of Week 5

View at least 3–4 of your colleagues’ videos and  read their posts.

Respond to at least two of your colleagues by explaining 2–3 concepts or strategies related to change, data-driven decision making, or leadership that you observed from watching your colleagues’ videos that resonate with your current professional practices. Then, explain why these concepts or strategies strike you as invigorating and potentially innovative and how you might apply them in your own educational setting.


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Fullan, M. (2016). The new meaning of educational change (5th ed.). New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

· Chapter 4, “Initiation, Implementation, and Continuation” (pp. 54–81)

· Chapter 6, “The Teacher” (pp. 97–122)

· Chapter 10, “The District Administrator” (pp. 177–208)