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Benefit of school committee Outline


June 18, 2019

1. Introduction

Introduce the topic

State some facts about the topic

State the thesis statement

2. Body

Benefits of school committee to students

Benefits of school committee to management

Benefits of school committee to parents

3. Conclusion

Conclude the ideas

Restate the thesis statement

School Committee Improvement

School committee leadership is a core factor in school today and needs well off improvements for better institution learning, since in ensuring that they make a better decision in ensuring that the learning environment of the students is conductive. The school environment is also the crucial role in intervening the teachers teaching capabilities and making necessary changes to improve or rectify the teaching method for better student results outcomes (2019). To achieve better school committee improvements the school management, and the government should undertake a continuous institution improvement plan to make positive results. Ongoing improvement plan of the committee can be attained through different change approaches like partnering with the public and application of a project management approach to achieve a better strategic plan of the committee improvement.

Merits of School Committee Improvement

There is immense importance of the improved school committee of different institutions which leads to improved school performance and better leadership is expressed in the institution. Improvised school committee creates a close link between the school and the respective district administration for better school development (2019). The better committee leads to better budget bargaining for the school for better growth and institution learning material to be budgeted for. School committee ensure that the parents complain they addressed against the institution are adequately addressed, and the demand is met (2019). School committees that have been improvised will accelerate better decision makings teacher monitoring is enhanced and curriculum improvement. Institutions committee will ensure that better laws and policies of the institutions are made that favors both the teachers, parents, and students.

Organization System Performance Model

Organization system performance model is a concept used in many school institutions where the board management makes vital decisions ("Organization System Performance - Citigroup," 2019). The managing committee is the one that makes relevant multidimensional, decisions, and plan development that can be practiced to increase the output performance of the institution. Organization system model positive performance results can only be achieved when efficiency, effort, quality of input, budget factors and new invention are put to achieve an increase in performance of the institution or an organization ("Organization System Performance - Citigroup", 2019). This concept can be applied in different work areas for actual performance to be achieved.


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